The STRONG trend towards outboard motors

The STRONG trend towards outboard motors

It is certain that the majority of boat manufacturers, both European and American, favor outboard motorization for boats under 50 feet and even more when we talk about a boat with a hybrid approach between the center-console. and the express.

One of the biggest American manufacturers, SEARAY,  proves it very well.

Indeed, the SUNDANCER range now only offers the 32ft model with optional inboard motors.


Several other manufacturers such as FORMULA, TIARA, MONTEREY, REGAL have also taken this turn and for certain in a very significant way with the CROSSOVER range from FORMULA.

It took a while for the TIARA manufacturer, but now they’re there with the LS line.

Regal offers its 38 and 42 ft express or flybridge models with outboard motors as well.


All manufacturers have opted for this direction given the demand in this direction from boaters called MILLENNIALS who express their criteria differently than BABY-BOOMERS.

So, it is important to prepare for this new wave especially when planning a purchase as it will come into play with the resale value of your boat over the next 3 to 5 years.  For the moment, Canadian boaters are not very inclined towards this new and very strong trend on the American and European side.

Think of all the new models offered by Jeanneau and Beneteau with outboard motors. Think of SESSA with the KEY LARGO range.

Of course, Americans are already more familiar with outboard motors on the wide range of center consoles like HCB, Boston Whaler, Everglades, Intrepid, Grady-White, Scout, Mako, etc.

The demand is here as proven with the arrival of the new Mercury VERADO deV12-600 outboard which hit the market this year, let’s bet YAMAHA will respond quickly …

So, if you are in the market and  the manufacturer offers an outboard motor, this is an option that should probably be considered seriously.

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