Boat sales in the United States / Canada, status report as of August 2021.

Boat sales in the United States / Canada, status report as of August 2021.

You are having difficulty finding a boat, unfortunately that is the situation at the moment.

In the US the situation is difficult if you are looking to buy new, but a little easier for the used boats. In Canada, the situation to purchase a new or used is proving to be very difficult.

Here are some statistics on this subject. New sales in the USA for the month of June 2021 are clearly down compared to June 2020. New inventories are at their lowest among our neighbors to the south (USA).

If we compare June 2021 to June 2020, sales fell 32.8% due to lack of inventory. It will probably be even worse for July and August 2021. But if we compare the sales of the last 12 months compared to the previous 12 months, they have increased by 16.5%.

So the dealers are very happy, they have sold almost everything. But the question, did the boaters choose according to their needs or from what was available …

This is what we will see over the next few months. Will several owners opt for the immediate resale of the recently acquired boat?

Are there new boaters who will have not reached the satisfaction with their new first boat, therefore there might be some great deals as early as the end of August or even this fall. Stay alert.

Here are some statistics by category for the last 12 months:

Category.                        % increase in sales for the last 12 months

Ski-Wake                                          + 66% (7,563 units)
Yacht 66 ft and +                             + 28% (85 units)
From 41 to 65 ft.                              + 12.9% (323 units)
From 31 to 40 ft                               + 11.4% (479 units)
From 14 to 30 (inboard)                   + 8.8% (4550 units)
From 11 to 50 ft (outboard)           + 11.4% (32,000 units)
Pontoon                                              + 24% (35,001 units)
Peach (aluminum)                           + 10% (25,930 units)
PWC                                                    + 9.9%. (41,000 units)

These statistics are provided by the US Coast Guard for about 62% of the US market, but including the large American states that are very nautical oriented (like Floride, East coast, Great Lakes, etc).

Don’t get discouraged, take the time to analyze each boat in order to make the right purchase, always according to your needs and criteria.

The brokers from Ita Yachts Canada are at your disposal to assist you in your efforts.


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