Acquisition and sale in the United States / Europe / Asia.

We specialize in the acquisition or sale of boats outside of Canada.  We are familiar with this type of transaction as more than half of our transactions are done outside of Canada.

In addition, we have on-site resources with respect to the Florida market.

Our approach is professional, we always advise our clients to proceed to a thorough verification of the property titles before any acquisition. We work in collaboration with a law firm specialized in maritime law for all our transactions whether the boat is in Canada or abroad. 

Our Approach

Given the clear abundance of boats south of the border or overseas compared to here in Canada, it is very frequent that we represent clients for an acquisition outside of Canada. We handle from negotiation, drafting of the purchase offer, assisting in the selection of marine surveyors, final negotiation or complete withdrawal without any penalty (full refund of the deposit) and finally closing the transaction.

Europe and Asia have their own particularities as the boats have an electrical configuration that is different from here in North America without forgetting the EPA norms and the type of display of the monitors and screens. It is therefore, necessary to have a particular approach if you want a fully operational boat when you return to North America.

Also, if you plan to move your boat to Canada (new or used), we take care of the procedures including an assessment of the yacht for customs purposes. We have the expertise for full assistance with an import or export. In addition, we offer you full assistance in transporting the boat from point A to point B.

Our approach is professional and based on over 20 years of experience.  We are familiar with import and export transactions and the related taxation in order to maximize the acquisition.

– Canada-Mexico-United States Treaty

– Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement CETA

– Asia-Pacific Treaty – PTPGP (Canada is part of it)

Of course, there is always the possibility to take possession of your boat wherever the boat is purchased , so why not enjoy the boat in Florida, Italy or anywhere else prior to final delivery destination.

Delivery to Montreal

Delivery to Fort Lauderdale

Delivery to Italy

We are at your disposal to discuss your expectations, your objectives and to define the mandate you will give us. We are three brokers and work as a team on each transaction.

Communication and understanding of your project are key to an excellent transaction, so we ensure everything is done to make it a success.