FAIRLINE Yachts.  

These yachts are made in the United Kingdom (Great Britain), so the base price of these yachts is in Pounds Sterling (£), resulting in a value much higher than the EURO (€) and of course higher than Canadian or American dollars. Therefore, they will be more expensive than those made in North America and in Europe.

In addition, the cost of shipping from England or Europe to North America (on a container ship) has increased considerably in recent months, which was not the case before 2020. In fact, the cost has almost doubled.

All these factors explain why the new 2022 vessels have seen an important price increase, at least for those coming from Europe.

For example, here are the comparative values as of March 29, 2022:

To buy 1 pound sterling (£), it requires: $1.31 USD or $1.64 CAD.

The FAIRLINE range is very varied, offering 4 ranges:

L/Line: 33 ft (super sport model)

Targa : 45 to 65 ft (sport model)

Phantom : 65 ft (flybridge model, but sport style)

Squadron : 50 to 68 ft (flybridge model)

These are boats that appeal to boaters because of their exterior looks and the choice of interior materials.  On all the models there is also no question of underpowering as the basic engine and the one offered as an option for each model are very interesting and very powerful.

Fairline has numerous used boats in the North American market for boats under 68 ft. It is important to keep in mind that the 45 to 60 foot segment generates the highest sales volume for this category of yacht (between $1.5 million and $3.5 million USD).Princess Yachts and Sunseeker Yachts are well known as boats coming from England and their ranges are especially more varied and offer a range up to 130 ft for Princess and more than 164 ft for Sunseeker.


In the 1970s, Fairline launched a popular family cruiser – the Phantom 32 – followed by the 40, which remained in production for eleven years. The Turbo 36, the revolutionary aft-deck boat, arrived in 1981, before the acclaimed new Targa 33 express cruiser in 1985.

In the 1990s, the brand took root in the large yacht category with the Squadron series of legendary designs. The Squadron 62 elevated the precision engineering of Fairline’s flybridge models.

With export sales booming in 2001, they opened a new 60,000 square foot factory in Oundle and a new production facility two years later.

A new wave of world-class boats arrived in that decade, with the iconic Squadron 74 and the sleek, heart-pounding Grand Turismo Targa models designed with an innovative retractable top.

In 2014, the 48 Series was born, encompassing resin infusion technology, a new type of deck construction and an exclusive hull to enable IPS technology.

An exciting new partnership was formed in 2016 with esteemed Italian designer Alberto Manchini and Dutch naval architects Vripack, heralding an international collaboration of the best in design and engineering.

Looking to the future, Fairline continues to produce new generations of yachts, including its highly advanced sporty F//LINE 33 – Superboat category, which won the Motorboat of the Year 2020 awards.

Fairline Yachts Limited is located in Peterborough, UK.

And employs 401 people at this location and generates $38.86 million in sales (USD). (Employee figures are estimated). The FAIRLINE YACHTS LIMITED family of companies consists of 4 companies.

The dealers in North America are mainly in the United States (one in Florida, Maryland and Washington State) and also one in Canada.

The manufacturer Fairline is present in Florida, but in a corporate way.

The FAIRLINE range : 


The sketches announce a very modern yacht, which reproduces slightly the success of the Galeon 500 fly with the side panels of fiberglass for the cockpit part that will be retractable in version Beach Club.


The selling price is yet to be announced with regards to the many options. For example, the engine will have two options, Volvo D13-900 or D13-1000 with shafts.

The L.O.A. is  57 ft 11 in, width 16 ft 3 in, air draft 23 ft 8 in (very high) and of category CE: B. It will offer 3 staterooms and 2 complete bathrooms.

The exterior look of this new yacht looks very promising and we are sure that the quality of the interior luxury will be up to the reputation of Fairline.

So, let’s recap the different models:

The F/Line model of 33 ft, a super sport model with inboard engines or outboards.

(2 x Volvo 430 hp max) or outboards (2 x Verado 300 or 350 or 400 hp).

The many TARGA models:

Fairline TARGA 45 GT or Fairline TARGA 45 OPEN, they are powered by Volvo IPS 600 or IPS 650.

Here are the Fairline TARGA 50 GT and Fairline TARGA 50 OPEN models, they are powered by Volvo IPS 650 or IPS 700.

The Fairline TARGA 65 GT and Fairline TARGA 65 GTO models are powered by Caterpillar C18 or C32 with shafts (with C32, it is powered with very large engine blocks).

The Fairline PHANTOM 65 model, which also refers to the Princess Yacht of the S series, offers flybridges that are quite discreet in terms of exterior look. Sunseeker (Sport Yachts) and Galeon (skylounge) also have this range of flybridges with a discreet sporty look. It is powered by Caterpillar (shafts) with C18 or C32.

And now the very popular range: the SQUADRON which are all Flybridges.

Let’s start with the classic Fairline SQUADRON 50, it is powered by Volvo IPS 650 or IPS 700.

Click here for a virtual tour of new Squadron 50 Fly.

The new Squadron 58 which is covered in an article earlier in this text.

The Fairline SQUADRON 68, the flagship of the Fairline Flybridges, is powered by Caterpillar (shafts) C18 or C32.

Click here for a virtual tour of new Squadron 68 Fly.


This niche exploited by Fairline is in direct competition with several large manufacturers, also European.  Such as, two other English manufacturers, SUNSEEKER YACHTS and PRINCESS YACHTS.  The European manufacturers in this range are AZIMUT YACHTS, FERRETTI YACHTS, ABSOLUTE YACHTS, PRESTIGE YACHTS, GALEON YACHTS and SESSA, which is starting to appear here after years of absence.

Most of them are B classes, especially under 60 feet. However, it is important to understand the differences between the A and B classes and even the C class. When navigating on lakes and rivers, the A class seems a bit superfluous.

For further details, do not hesitate to consult the Fairline web site and for the best advice when coming to purchases, contact us at any time, the brokers of Ita Yachts Canada always work as a team and we await for your call at 514-521-1221.


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