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Surface Drives on Pershing Yachts.

Surface Drives on Pershing Yachts and also on the Itama 75’ (FERRETTI GROUP)

All Pershing yachts with the exception of the 115’ (water jet) are propelled by surface drives. People are often very surprised with this mode of propulsion that is completely different from all others. The propellers have an exceptional dimension and are designed for safe, high-speed performance. At full throttle, the propellers operate half in and half out of the water.

As they are directional, there are many adjustments to be made to achieve maximum performance and at the same time reduce fuel costs. Pershing has developed with manufacturers, an onboard computer that links trim tabs and drives and matches them with boat speed to ensure that the boat is trimmed safely and operating is at it’s highest efficiency.

Not only do surface drives achieve high-speed cruising effortlessly, having the propellers at surface level reduces drag, enables tight radius turns and reduces the yachts draft.

Following is a video showing the propellers 50% out of the water at full speed. These are Arneson surface drives on a 40’ boat. Click here for see the surface drive in action.

The Pershing 108’ is equipped with Arneson surface drives. The models 50.1’, 62’, 74’, 82’ and 92’ are equipped with Searex (ZF) surface drives. The Pershing 70 is equipped with Topsystem surface drives.

Click here to see the new Pershing 62 navigating.

Chances are, if you see a rooster-tail… it is a Pershing! An amazing technical achievement.

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Following are a few Pershing photos.

10439452_907732922594085_3037609671969516939_n10888901_899578640076180_3868795197372249178_n image.axd Pershing_74_surf44ace_drives_under_water10710_907135589320485_3570052164411104096_nArneson_ASD16ZF_surfaces_drivesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArneson_ASD16surface-drive-top-system


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