Taking delivery of your new yacht in Europe!

Taking delivery of your new yacht in Europe!


When we mention that taking delivery of your new or used yacht in Europe is an experience not to be missed, we want you to take us seriously. We have handled these dream deliveries and our clients were thrilled that we insisted. One our clients who took delivery of a new 60 foot yacht in Italy stated: « I was really happy that you insisted, I would have missed one of the best experiences of my life!’’

We have the expertise to help you prepare, plan an itinerary, follow you through your travels and discover extraordinary places in the Mediterranean.

We will be on hand to deliver the boat and remain at your side until you decide that everything is under control. That you feel comfortable with the systems onboard, the captain, itinerary, operation of the boat etc.

A couple important notes:

  1. As you will be on a boat that is electrically configured for the Americas it will be important to ship prior to your arrival all the small appliances you’ll require for your vacation. (toaster, coffee machine, hand-held vacuum etc.)
  2. Travel with soft duffle style luggage so that it will be easy to store once onboard.
  3. Allow a minimum of 30 days for your vacation.
  4. We strongly suggest that you take the first couple of days and cruise in proximity of the delivery yard. Not only will it give you the time to get accustomed to the new boat but also should there be any issues, they can assist you immediately.
  5. Start listing your ‘’must sees’’.


Planning is the key to success, so following are some amazing destinations, routes and points of interest that we hope one day you will check off your « to see » list.

Not far from La Spezia is the beautiful town of Viareggio where you can dock and can rent a car to visit the nearby towns of Pisa, Lucca and even Florence.

Once back on the sea you can follow the beautiful coastline past the Cinq Terres and head in direction of Portofino, one of the most spectacular seaside towns.

Genoa, Christopher Columbus’s birthplace, should be your next stop. It is the sixth largest city in Italy and boasts excellent restaurants, walking in the old port and outstanding museums. Side note: Should you be missing anything onboard there is a IKEA in town!

From here, you have the choice to slowly cruise up to the Côte d’Azur and visit Monaco, Nice and Cannes or take the direction towards Corsica and Sardinia and visit their gorgeous bays.

Another route would be to cruise on the Adriatic Sea, which opens up many possible destinations such as Greece, Turkey, Solvania, Croatia, Albania. Beautiful islands to visit and fantastic cities such as Dubrovnik make the top of the list.


(Photo : Marina Portonegro, Adriatic sea)

Other than the amazing scenery and culture that is there waiting for discovery you will note that it is less expensive than on the Mediterranean. Only remember that your travel time there and back has to be calculated into the route.

Your schedule will all depend on whether you are travelling for a couple weeks, months or even seasons. Yes, we had clients that spent two years before bringing their boat to America!

Miscellaneous information:

Here is a list of marinas where the services are extra:

The website to visit to discover the marinas of importance, able to accommodate yachts of all categories:

Click here or click here for a 2nd site.

Click here or click here for a second web site.


Two marinas that our clients really enjoyed were the Marina Di Varezze near Genoa and the marina in Portofino.   Portofino is probably one of the most famous Italian villages where the worlds’ mega yachts are often seen anchored in the bay.   There are also nearby marinas in Rapallo and Santa Margherita.

Cinque Terre, UNESCO World Heritage Site – Five very beautiful and coloured villages located on cliffs overlooking the sea. There are walking trails, old castles, many small beaches, markets, fantastic local restaurants and views that will amaze. You will be seduced by each and every one of these villages.


Corsica and the Gulf of St-Florent with its marina is a perfect spot to enjoy before heading north. Cruising on the east coast of the Island of Corsica there are magnificent areas to anchor and enjoy white sand beaches and very warm water so crystal clear you can see 60 feet down.

The marina at Calvi is an excellent stopping point as is Bonifacio. Take your time and enjoy the scenery!

Transferring on to Sardinia, Porto Cervo..Wow an extraordinary route!! A whole new world waiting to be discovered.

Your destinations are unlimited and there are Ferretti service centers in many locations should you require assistance. No matter where you are in the Mediterranean, we are always accessible by phone or email to assist you and direct you in the right direction.

Always plan a bit of flexibility with your agenda as weather can and will play into the equation. Remember that boating is supposed to be pleasant so don’t put yourself or your guests in unpleasant situations due to weather. Staying put for an extra day or two may be necessary.

With either a Ferretti, Azimut, Sunseeker, Princess, Riva, Pershing, Benetti, Wally, Custom Line, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Sunreef and others, you are on board a world class yacht, so take the opportunity to sail the beautiful Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea on your own yacht, rest assured you will not regret it…


Your captain is there to look after everything except cleaning the interior of the boat but it is you that dictates the agenda.

Once your vacation is finished it will be time to return the boat to service center for shipping by container ship to North America. Ideally you should opt to have it shipped to Fort Lauderdale so you will be able to boat during the winter months in Florida or the Bahamas.

Now, let’s talk budget.   You can count on approximately 5,000 euros/month for the captain and roughly 100 to 200 euros/day for marinas. Moorings in front of the marinas are about half price of a dock and dropping anchor is free!

We suggest as you have a captain onboard, profit from his expertise to learn and perfect your skills to drive, dock and understand your instruments. With his guidance, perfect your ability to plan and plot routes on your GPS.   The captain also has the job of washing the exterior of the boat, preparing the dinghy for use, mechanical maintenance and will also serve as a travel agent as he is familiar with the region. He will be sleeping in the crew cabin therefore the complete interior of the boat will be for you and your guests.

Should your guests be arriving during your vacation, plan your itinerary to line up with airports that are close to the sea such as Genoa, Pisa, Nice and of course Rome.

Your yacht is located in Italy or another country in Europe,  why not benefit from this opportunity!!

Don’t hesitate to contact us Ita Yachts Canada, it would be our pleasure.

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