New lithium batteries for boating.

New Lithium batteries for boating.

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The purpose of this article is not to promote any particular brand, but to illustrate the characteristics of a LifePO4 lithium battery.
But of course there are other manufacturers, such as VOLTIUM (click here for a direct link), which are made in Canada and are also of the same type as RELION.

RELION Battery, leader in the development of lithium batteries, launches the new RB36V40, a durable and long-lasting 36V 40Ah lithium marine battery.

This is the first 36V marine battery in the brand’s product range.

What’s more, these are currently the most stable lithium batteries on the market (on this day in July 2023) and the ones identified as LifePO4.

Not all lithium batteries are alike.

“With more than 20 years of experience in the industry and a comprehensive product portfolio, RELiON continues to provide the latest and greatest in lithium battery technology,” said Eric Lindquist, VP and General Manager, Power Systems at Navico Group. “Product development is a key priority, and our team of experts is dedicated to delivering innovation with unmatched power and performance. We are thrilled to round out our voltage offering with the new 36V battery and provide users with peace of mind and more time on the water.”

The new RB36V40 provides maximum capacity, 20% more than its series equivalent*, with minimum hassle thanks to its parallel design. The improved connectors and small Group 31 footprint make onboard installation simple, and weighing 70% less than the lead-acid equivalent, speed through the water doesn’t need to be sacrificed. Additionally, the parallel set-up allows for quicker, easier charging and more power in the tank when needed.

New RB36V40 lithium battery

Built for the marine environment, the 36V battery includes an IP67-rated case, which completely repels dust and resists water ingress for up to 30 minutes submerged at 1 meter. It also features a new glue channel and screw-latched enclosure to protect against airborne contaminants, as well as an internal Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor battery health and protect against short circuits and over-charging.

In brief:

RB36V40 lithium battery key features:

– Easy installation with small footprint – Group 31 (13″ x 6.8″ x 8.4″)

– Parallel configuration allows greater capacity with fewer batteries in standard applications

– Fast charging

– IP67 waterproof rating

– 1536-Watt/hours

IMPORTANT (note from Ita Yachts Canada brokers):

Be sure to have all lithium batteries installed by recognized professionals who have the necessary expertise for a boat environment.

Don’t forget that they can’t tolerate cold or very high temperatures, nor can they withstand shocks. Ideally, for more securite, you should have an application or control panel dedicated entirely to the supervision/management of these batteries.

You should also have on board one or more fire extinguishers designed for lithium batteries, which are not the same as for the rest of the boat.

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