GARMIN : Always stay connected with your boat using ONDECK and ACTIVECAPTAIN.

Always stay connected with your boat, using the system

There are several systems on the market that do much the same job, but GARMIN offers an easy to use system with all the important monitoring functions as if you were on board.

Thanks to a smart cellphone application, you are connected in real time to your boat. GARMIN has cellular coverage agreements that include Canada and almost every country in the world.

There are several sensors that you can install to complete the monitoring according to your wishes.

How it works…

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Garmin unveiled the OnDeck Remote Connectivity Hub for remote monitoring in September that pairs with the ActiveCaptain app for 24/7 boat access.

GARMIN’s BMS 10 interface integrates with NMEA2000 compatible systems and can include up to five switches for critical systems like battery status and bilge pumps as well as door sensors and hatch. Shore power and temperature sensors and a relay switch are also included.

In addition, a configurable GEO FENCE alerts users if your boat has been moved outside a predetermined navigation area by SMS or email every 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the condition of the boat. diet and preferences you have determined.

“OnDeck is a comprehensive boat monitoring and management tool designed to deliver important information about your boat right at your fingertips, so you always know it’s safe, secure and ready for your next adventure,” said Dan Bartel, vice president of global consumer sales at Garmin.

Mr Bartel in another statement: “A practical solution for every type of boat, from center consoles and bass boats to sailboats and trawlers, our customers can feel more confident to monitor and protect their investment with an OnDeck system on board.

If shore power is disconnected or the boat’s battery is depleted, the OnDeck system is equipped with its own internal battery for up to 48 hours. Information is stored on the Hub and available in the cloud for review for up to 30 days.

OnDeck is currently compatible with the following Garmin Marine MFDs: GPSMAP 84/8600, GPSMAP 74/7600, GPSMAP 10×2 / 12×2 and the GPSMAP 7×2 / 9×2 / 12×2 Plus series.

Garmin’s OnDeck MSRP is $ 849.99 USD, and a cellular coverage subscription plan is required for use of which two types are currently available: a $ 19.99 monthly plan and a one-year contact. , the latter offering users the first 3 months free, after which a monthly fee of $ 12.99 kicks in.

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