The manufacturer SEAKEEPER announces a new gyroscopic stabilizer for small boats.

The manufacturer SEAKEEPER announces a new gyroscopic stabilizer for small boats.

(photo above) Here is the SEAKEEPER 1 designed for 23 to 30 ft boats.

It is indeed small, compared to other models from the same manufacturer, which allows easy installation almost anywhere in the boat under 30 ft.

Importantly, it operates using 12 volts, so no need for a generator.

Description and function of this new gyroscopic stabilizer.

Seakeeper is a manufacturer of a stabilization system based on the concept of a computer-controlled gyroscope that eliminates up to 95% of the boat’s body roll (left-to-right movement which often causes nausea), according to the company.
Its exclusive design, inspired by aerospace technology, centers on a powerful spinning top or steel wheel that spins at high speed in a vacuum, eliminating air friction and helping to minimize weight, heat generation and consumption. of energy.

The goal of this equipment is to stabilize the boat over 95% when at anchor and also when in low speed sailing mode, I would say less than 10 kn.

Stabilization does not affect the boat’s ability to tackle a wave, say head on, in other words, the pitch will not be affected. The behavior of the boat remains the same but without the roll.

So it will practically eliminate the roll, that is to say the movements of the boat from left to right which are so unpleasant when for example a boat passes close to yours making a very big wave which makes the boat oscillate from left to right .


So for those who suffer from nausea on board, they will love this system without a doubt. I also think of fishermen who “troll” in very rough water.

Click on this link to see a demonstration video of this system, this video is ideal for understanding the effects of gyroscope stabilization.


Click this link for a demonstration for a larger boat.

History of the company SEAKEEPER.

The first gyroscopic type stabilizer that was put into service in a boat was made in 2008. Since that time, more than 10,000 units have been installed in boats of all sizes.

Usually the boat was at least 40 feet in length to over 85 feet since multiple units can be fitted in a boat. A 120-foot boat can fit up to four units.

Features of SEAKEEPER 1.

The Seakeeper 1 weighs only 365 pounds. (165.90 kg). And, it’s small: 22.9 “L x 23.56” W x 15.68 “H (58.16cm L x 59.84cm W x 39.82cm H – which means it can s ‘fit under almost any boat seat.

Recessed design for easy installation.
Designed specifically for smaller boats, the Seakeeper 1 features a flush mount design, completely containing the unit with no part of the sphere hanging down below the installation point. It can be mounted virtually anywhere, even outside the center line of the boat.
Only 15.7 ” (39.87cm) tall.

The cost of SEAKEEPER 1.

Approximately $ 14,900 USD not installed.


The vast majority of large manufacturers like Azimut, Ferretti, Pershing, Riva, Princess, Sunseeker install it in their boats, it is almost made a basic element for these types of boats.

Today some American boats like Regal, Cruisers Yachts, Tiara, Boston Whaler, Cobia, etc. offer it as an option on a few models.

See a video presentation made by the company SEAKEEPER which explains how a stabilizer is built and how it operates, click on this link.


This equipment allows adds an excellent value to any boat, that is certain. Take the time to attend a demonstration to see the extraordinary effectiveness of this system.

I would say today when it comes to buying a boat on a budget, it is definitely worth thinking about the installation of this system by the boat manufacturer.

The resale value of the boat can thus be improved and your comfort during the years that you will have the boat can only delight you and your guests on board the boat.

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