EVOY, new 150 hp outboard motor completely electric

EVOY, new 150 hp outboard motor completely electric.

Here is the EVOY of 150 hp completely electric.


But since the writing of this first article many things have changed at EVOY.

There is a lot of new stuff at this Norwegian manufacturer.  Here is the link to their website.

They are also going to develop a channel with North America for 2023, it is to be watched.

So,a file to follow closely.


The original article continues here:

Evoy (Norwegian company) launches the most powerful electric outboard motor in the world on the market.

The Norwegian-based company Evoy is a developer of an electric propulsion system for high-speed boats, it has just unveiled a completely electric 150 hp outboard motor.

The new outboard system was supported financially by $ 1.8 million dollars. The goal now is to complete it and prepare it for the market in the first quarter of 2021.

The outboard motor is specially designed to fit at the moment the Zodiac Milpro MARK 5 from Frydenbø Milpro, this Zodiac corresponds to industry standards for exploration cruises in the Arctic regions.

The EVOY system should be delivered with its own controllers, as well as battery management and the electronic dashboard with 10 or 16 inch screens.

The nominal 90 kW prototype will undergo all final field performance tests during the summer of 2020 tests. The engines will initially be used by the Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten to power a fleet of Zodiac vessels.

This outboard motor could be Evoy’s new solution for electric outboards and zero-emission powertrains, placing the company at the forefront of the all-electric boat market.

This Norwegian company appeared in 2018, creating an electric drive system for new boat constructions as well as modifications for existing machines. Its 800-horsepower interior powertrain is already the most powerful you can buy (in the small boat sector), and the company has now announced its first outboard, plus a roadmap for the coming years.

The outboard motor in question, the Evoy Pro is designed for 90 kW nominal, 150 kW peak (120/200 hp), but Evoy says it will be the approximate equivalent of a 150 horsepower combustion engine thanks at its excellent magnetic torque – 170 Nm nominal, 350 Nm peak (125/258 lb-ft).

It is currently in the prototype stage, and testing this summer (2020) and this fall will update the performance figures. It should weigh approximately 150 kg (330 lb).

To take advantage of this new engine, the boat will need to install modular battery packs (probably 25 kWh) that can be installed in series or in parallel to give 50 or 100 kW / h of storage.

The load will probably reach a maximum of 11 kW AC and 50 kW DC.

The Evoy Pro powertrain will be sold as a complete kit with its own batteries, controls and electronic dashboard.

The system will be delivered with its own controllers, battery management and electronic dashboard, with 10 or 16 inch screens. Weather, radio, maritime navigation, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, system monitoring, trip recording and load management as standard. You can opt for radar, echo sounders and automatic identification systems (AIS), and Evoy is studying an autopilot function to take you from port to port if necessary.

The largest outboard combustion engine in the world, as we understand it, is currently the Seven Marine 627 SV, a giant supercharged V8 peaking at 627 horsepower and weighing a 497 kg (1,094 lb) monster. Evoy therefore has a way to go before bringing down the champion of the pure and simple power of his perch.

As for the price? Again, this is to be confirmed. The Evoy Pro will certainly cost more than a combustion powertrain. But Evoy is prepared to predict that commercial operators will break even at around 350 hours of battery life per year, at least in Norway, using current fuel, electricity and maintenance costs.

Here is the link to the manufacturer’s site, clic here.

The team of brokers at ItaYachtsCanada will remain on the lookout for implementation, and therefore the marketing of this new electric motor.

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