WRAP a boat, is it a good idea, yes or no?

The quick answer is yes.

To wrap or cover a boat involves applying a film or adhesive film on the hull to change the color, make it an original color or and will embellish the boat.

Wrapping is more and more wide spread in the world of boats. Whether it’s to change the color of the hull of an old boat, give a wow look to our new boat or to protect a new boat from U.V. rays and thus help to retain the gelcoat like new.

See this video to see how.

The film or adhesive film that is used are high performance polymeric vinyls with high UV stability. Resistant to most oils, fats, gasoline, aliphatic solvents, acids, salts and alkalis. They are guaranteed up to 10 years (to be determined during installation) according to their colors. It is offered in many colors and quality that brings brilliance and brightness to make optimal colors. In addition, it easily withstands speeds of over 40 kn.

It is important to have it installed by an expertise with the know-how that only a craftsman can have. It is a manual task that requires dexterity.


The WRAP is much more reliable, has better longevity than paint or colored gelcoat that is applied by the manufacturers. Let’s say that the life of the WRAP would be approximately 7 to 10 years.

The color applied to the boats by the manufacturers has a very very short life span roughly around  3 to 4 years max especially for dark or very pronounced colors. Very few manufacturers use an expensive high-end paint process like the Pershing or Riva manufacturer, the paint often needs to be reapplied after 3 and 4 years or requires very frequent touchups.


The WRAP is about half the price of paint especially on boats under 40 feet. The cost of the wrap decreases the longer the boat is. To compare, a WRAP on a 50-foot boat would be up to $ 10,000. An équivalent hull painting job would be at least $ 20,000 but more towards $ 30,000.

Applying a Wrap usually takes a minimum of 2 days and the hull must be clean.


This rejuvenates a boats hull by giving it a new color or by masking the old color that is no longer up to date. Some installers also offer wrapped kitchen cabinets for example or any other interior surface that allows it.

Some manufacturers like Beneteau now offer the option of Wrap rather than painting. Repairs are easy and inexpensive.

When the job is well done, it is virtually impossible to see the difference between painting and wrap.


The important thing is to select the right people to install the Wrap, they must be professionals.

So, yes, having the hull of a boat Wrapped is an interesting choice, and of course, only the part of the hull that is out of the water.


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