Used or pre-owned boats from Europe.

Be aware…

when you are looking into buying a used boat of European origin.


There are more and more boats for sale here in our territory that were originally manufactured for the European market, but that were imported here into the Americas by boaters or dealers given the low cost if acquired in Europe.

Indeed some are seduced by the low cost of second hand boats in Europe and are tempted to bring it back here.

What you should know is that the boats designed for Europe have a different electrical system, in fact it is 240V but using 50 hz, which requires the installation of an electrical transformer in the boat to enable connecting to our electrical terminals in the marinas. Some manage to change the electrical input of the boat and the generator so as not to have to install a transformer, but at the cost of many changes.

In addition, the standard display of all screens onboard, TV, GPS screen is under the European PAL standard, in America we operate under NTSC. So, should you decide to add a rear camera to assist you during maneuvers at the marina, well it must come from Europe otherwise you will not see anything on your GPS screen.

It is also true that the majority of boats manufactured for the European market also have a much lower A/C capacity than the boats designed and destined for the Americas, so a smaller generator will also be installed onboard these boats.

In short, be aware when you looking at a used boat manufactured in Europe, ask specific questions regarding the import of this boat, its history, where does it come from? This will save you a lot of hassle.

All major European manufacturers have two production lines, a line for boats destined for Europe and another for boats destined for North America. This is a major difference for them, so it must be for you too.

Major manufacturers such as the Ferretti Group, the Azimut Group, the Sanlorenzo Group and Absolute, the English such as Princess and Sunseeker, the Jeanneau / Beneteau Group make the distinction. Check if the manufacturer of your boat does too.

Here are the devices and systems that are sensitive to a frequency change of 50-60 hz:

Washer, dryer
Water heater
Central vaccum
Small electrical appliances that plug into an electrical outlet

What is insensitive to the electrical frequency:

Battery charger
A / C

Equipment and systems that operate on the basis of 12/24 volts is not affected by the electrical frequency.

One must be careful and check the data sheets of all devices before connecting them when the electrical situation is uncertain onboard.

Do not hesitate if you have questions, the experience and expertise of the Ita Yachts Canada Broker Team are at your disposal.


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