Purchasing a yacht from Europe?


Temptation is great to purchase a new or used yacht in Europe. Here is what you need to know if the yacht has been built to European standards.

Definitely, the prices are lower than in North America basically due to the economic situation but also as the yachts built for the European market have generally half the air conditioning capacity and less generator power.

The major difference lies in the electrical configuration.  The yachts built for Europe are in the mode 230V – 50hz with displays (GPS, TV etc.) standards of P.A.L. as boats built in Europe for the Americas use the standard of 240V – 60hz and display N.T.S.C.  Few salesman are familiar with these differences, but these play an enormous part when it comes to resale or replacements onboard.

There are five major manufacturers that import US spec appliances to install onboard yachts destined for the Americas.  They are, SanLorenzo, Princess Yachts, Sunseeker, Ferretti Group and Azimut – Benetti.  Be vigilant if buying another brand.

An electrical transformer may be installed making it possible to plug the yacht at a US marina, but, the boat will always remain European.

Take the time to obtain documentation showing the manufacturer has built the boat to the specifications of the final destination of navigation.  A low purchase price is always attractive, but may not be a great deal in the end.

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