The new Tiara EX60

The new Tiara EX60

Tiara Yachts, which has focused primarily on 34- to 53-foot boats, has just announced a big move: the launch of an EX 60 with inboard motor(s). EX stands for express, expedition, excursion… and maybe even excitement. This flagship heralds a new direction for the Holland, Michigan-based builder, which previously featured only two lines – Tiara and Tiara Sports – to differentiate its inboard and outboard boat offerings.

The new 60-foot Tiara offers more space in the cockpit area to incorporate its modular seating, and it also offers convertible (retractable) decks that adhere to a very versatile day boat philosophy.

In hindsight, the consolidation of Tiara Yachts, whose name is increasingly majestic, makes even more sense after this announcement, as the performance-minded, scrappy cruiser builder looks to set itself apart from its lightweight class.

When completed in the fall of 2022, the EX 60, equipped with the latest Volvo Penta and Garmin technology, will be the company’s largest yacht to date. And far from the last, as this launch will pave the way for larger yachts to follow.

“Any time you have the opportunity to create from scratch, it’s both exciting and a little disconcerting,” said Tom Slikkers, CEO and president of Tiara Yachts. “Most people like to replicate and do things they’ve been successful at.”

Fortunately for boaters, that shyness doesn’t exist in the Lower Peninsula (where they are located). The EX 60 combines the proven success of the builder’s LS outboard and inboard coupe lines, building on the experience of dayboats with the comfort and luxury of interior appointments.

Below deck, three staterooms will accommodate six adults, while two private heads will provide additional convenience. Owners and guests can reach the spacious bow, with its large sundeck, by walking along the wide gangways or through the wheelhouse door accessible from the starboard helm.

“The wheelhouse door is not only for steering, safety and communication, but also opens up another avenue for freedom of movement in the yacht,” said Andrew Bartlett, Tiara’s design director.

However, in its drive to innovate, Tiara is by no means abandoning the best practices developed in its smaller units. Which begs the question: is a Tiara really a Tiara without the modular seating and convertible decks? The design team doesn’t think so either.

“The market expects us to offer a level of flexibility and transformation in all of our products,” Bartlett said.

“And that’s a big challenge, isn’t it? A 17-foot-wide, 60-foot-long boat. And it gives us even more opportunities to work to develop that modularity and alternative layouts.”

While the side opening of the gunwales is very useful on the 48-foot LS – an innovation that allows you to exploit every extra inch of space when at anchor or at anchor – on the EX 60, it will be downright massive.

To take advantage of the aft cockpit area, Bartlett and his team offered owners four unique layout options: forward-facing and aft-facing seating, breakfast bar, lounge and adventure. (And even within those choices, there are options, such as ice makers and appliances.)

“We’re going to be able to cover the casual fisherman all the way up to a highly social layout,” Bartlett said. “And from my perspective, we win if they are all equally popular.”

As part of Tiara’s long-standing partnership with Volvo Penta, the EX 60 will be equipped with two IPS30 engines with either 1,200 or 1,350 horsepower. With the latter option, the company expects the 60 to have a top speed of approximately 36 knots.

Tiara is also committed to reducing NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) while sailing and at anchor. To reduce noise, in-house naval architects designed the yacht so that the air conditioning systems and water pumps are located in an aft compartment, isolating them from the helm and cabins. This innovation seems to permeate the entire product.

As for the next boat in the line, Tiara plans to watch where the market takes it. “It could be bigger, but I think we’ll also populate below the EX 60 with a line of boats that really cover us from 50 to 60 feet,” Bartlett said. If the 60 and earlier models are any indication, Tiara will produce them in no time.

“In some ways, it’s a novel concept, because we’re blending elements that are proven in our outboard line and elements that we’ve learned from inboard models,” Slikkers said.

“We’ve strived to meet the needs of cruisers and associate them with day sailing (as in a day boat), with a focus on who we are and what we do.”

Click here for a video presentation.

Some technical data:

LOA: 60 ft 3 in.

Beam: 16 ft 11 in

Draft: 4 ft

Dry weight : 53,350 lbs

Water tank : 150 us gal.

Black water tank : 86 us gal.

Fuel tank : 700 us gal.

Engine : 2 x Volvo IPS 1200 or optional : 2 x IPS 1350

Options : gyroscopic stabilization


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