The impact of Covid-19 on the sale boats.

The impact of Covid-19 on the sale of boats.

A complete surprise, the Covid-19 boosted boat sales in Canada, especially for Quebec and Ontario.

I would say that anything that floats below $ 200,000 and that was in relatively good condition found takers, of course watercraft and small boats were among the first to find takers, very quickly.

For the $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 category too, but less surf. For the category of $ 300,000 and more, let’s say it was as usual.

What is significant is above all what we observe in our neighbors to the south. Many very recent boats for sale with very significant discounts, especially for the 2015 and above.

But the constraints at the Canada / USA border greatly limit the market. In fact, Covid-19 is very active in the southern states and the quarantine in force on return to Canada means that Canadian buyers have little presence on the market.

The deals are as always on the American side, especially in the south, but we must not forget the Great Lakes market (Michigan, Erie, Lac St-Clair), which is the 2nd best market in North America, without forgetting the greater region of Maryland and subsequently from New Jersey to Boston.

This latter region is almost identical to ours. The boats are 6 months a year out of the water (winter) and the salt water is no more frightening than that of the boats which sail from Quebec to Tadoussac or Rivière-du-Loup.

It is certain that over the years, some have tried to demonize the boats in salt water, especially to avoid that we look at this market which because of the abundance of supply, allows the boater substantial savings purchase.

Of course, as long as you acquire a wreck, it is better to have it in fresh water, but there are also boaters on the American side who take care of their boat. Each boat must be assessed on merit, analyze, verify its history, in short be the subject of research, inspection, verification before making an acquisition.

Some mention the currency USD in relation to the currency CAD, it should not be forgotten that Canadian dealers pay their boats in currency USD, so he did his homework and checked in the end the differences which are sometimes very surprising or say very advantageous for the Canadian yachtsman.

An abundant supply always causes a favorable market for the buyer. It is difficult to find such a market concept in Canada.

Before buying a boat, consult a broker at Ita Yachts Canada, to avoid regrets or the expression: I should therefore … have thought about contacting us.

First of all, consult the website, it will give you some ideas for reflection, we are sure and this is only a sample of what can be offered in the United States.

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