Sport Fishing Boats

Sports Fishing Boats, the best yachts on the market.

You’ve probably been to Florida, watched the sea, it’s sunny, the temperature is beautiful but there’s a wave, a big wave. There are no boats on the horizon on this beautiful sea. All of a sudden, there is a boat, and of course a Sport Fishing Boat.

Why do we mostly see sport fishing boats when the sea is rough, it’s simple, so that you understand well, I will use a metaphor,  it is the TANK OF THE SEA.

(The photos for this article are a Viking 92 enclosed bridge).

The brands Viking, Hatteras, Sea Force for example are at the top of their art. They are boats of incomparable construction quality, solid, state-of-the-art engineering, know-how, in short, a Class A yacht and even better than A, AA.

The tulip shaped front hull propels the water away from the boat, an excellent pronounced V that cuts the wave allowing this boat to face situations that are not always easy. The engine is always very efficient, powerful and never out of breath. They are almost always shafts (except exceptions).

Do not be surprised by the absence of a porthole, a porthole is a weak part of a boat when it is found in difficult sea conditions. Some models will have a window, but it will not open. They also have no rear platform (especially not hydraulic), another weak point on a boat when the sea is not easy.

If you wish to have one or more annexes (dinghy), they will be placed on the front section of the boat and a crane will be installed.

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Everything is designed for difficult conditions. In Europe, the experts there do not really have a good evaluation of the boats built in America except for our sport fishing boats and some of our center-consoles.

Comments are very complimentary for this category of boat. North America builds the best sport fishing boats in the world, especially Viking and Hatteras.

The characteristics of these yachts: they have a very large cockpits, ideal for fishermen, a powerful engine with shafts in order to move quickly, a very low center of gravity and often a tuna tower (platform at the top of the boat, an observation center to spot more easily the presence of fish). With this tower, also equipped with a helm, one moves immediately and quickly to the right place.

The production has diversified over the years to meet all tastes. Today in addition to a very high quality of construction, there are several types of sport fishing boat.

The models called Convertible are the ones that come closest to the cruisers. They have a degree of comfort that will appeal to boaters who are looking for a high level of comfort but always with the characteristics of a fishing boat.

The 2nd bridge can be completely enclosed (enclosed flybridge), so the helm is completely enclosed and then there are the Sportfish Express, which do not have a flybridge but sometimes a tuna tour.

For a few years now, Seakeeper brand stabilizers have provided incredible stabilization.

Everything has been designed so that the water stays outside the boat, regardless of the sailing conditions. That all systems on board remain operational regardless of navigational conditions. A sport fishing boat is known to have the best composants such as water-maker, generator (s), bilge pumps, bilge aeration system, electrical system, component accessibility, etc installed on board, nothing has been spared to produce the best yacht  …Of course, the selling prices reflect this state of affairs. But these are yachts that easily retain their value when reselling. This is not the case for other types of boats.

For example, here is the link with a Viking 92 Convertible 2017 for sale on the pre-owned market, it is superb ……/viking-92-convertible-2017

Clic here to see the video of this model.


Take a voyage on the sea with this yacht, you will be convinced of what we have just described, you will be seduced by the flawless behavior of the yacht, the degree of luxury on board, in short, you are light years away from the simple cruiser.

Because you see a sport fishing boat at sea, do not think that you can go out to sea with your cruiser!  A cruiser is not built the same way.  A sport fishing boat is more than just a candy, it is a boat designed to sail in difficult sea conditions with confidence, comfort and tenables you to return to the marina in safety.

Here are some manufacturers specializing in this type of boat:

Major and very active currently: Sea Force, Viking, Hatteras

Other manufacturers: Bertram, Tiara, Maritimo, Riviera and others.

There are models under the 50-foot mark, but rarely below the 40-foot mark.

Contact the brokers at Ita Yachts Canada for more details about fishing sport boats.

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