SEARAY SLX-W 230, Sport boat for wake lovers

This is the Searay SLX-W 230

This Searay has just entered through the big front door into the world of sport boats especially for Wake lovers.

It has the necessary characteristics to compete with the Mastercraft, Tigé, Nautique, Malibu, Axis, Moomba, in short the specialized boats for the water sports.

It is powered by a Mercruiser 6.2L that develops 370 hp with a shaft (V-Drive). It has of course a system of ballast which makes it possible to create the type of wave which one wishes. It has the system: Dynamic Running Surface with the Wake Shaping Tab system with full touch control screen in the driver’s dashboard.

The Searay SLX-W 230 received in 2017 at its introduction the distinction:

TOP PRODUCT awarded by the boat industry in the USA.

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The list of possible options is long, you can customize it to perfection including with a matching trailer.

As it is a Searay product, the list of dealers is very long and there are many opportunities (used boat) on the market.

It is a complete boat and well thought out, 13 people can place on board. This niche of sport boats had to be occupied by the major builder Searay for North America. It may not have all the refinements possible in terms of options, choice of color, choice of engines, etc. than its main competitors, but it will make its place without too much difficulty.

However, it has a certain advantage because it offers the JPI (joystick), yes because docked a boat from 20 to 25 feet, a single engine, a single shaft, it is not always very easy when the elements ( wind, water direction) are not in our favor, at this time we are very happy to have a joystick that allows easy docking for all yachtsmen including the inexperienced.

Follow this link to understand everything about the operation of the joystick JPI.

Clic here to see the Boat Test of this model.

Here are some technical data:

LOA: 23’10 ”

Length: 20’8 ”

Width: 8’6 ”

Draft: 2’10 ”

Weight: 5525 lbs

Capacity-people sitting: 13

Top speed: 40.2 MPH

Ballast capacity: 1920 lbs

Engine: Merc 6.2L ECT DTS Tow Sports V-Drive (370 hp)

Joystick: joystick piloting for inboard, exclusive to Mercruiser

(requires a bow thruster).

Base price: $ 109,840 US approx.

Price with equipment: $ 140,000 US approx.

Ita Yachts Canada’s brokers can also help you find the rare pearl. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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