Specialists in import or export of yachts from around the world

Specialists in the import or export of yachts or boats from around the world.

If you can not find the yacht or boat you want on the local market or in the North American market, then it is time to look further around the world. We are specialized brokers looking for yachts or boats that meet your criteria regardless of the location of the yacht.

Of course, we have the skill and technical expertise to be able to évaluante and inspect any yacht  or boat category. It is necessary to check the systems on board especially electrical systems, 50 hz or 60 hz, (the phases), the electric transformer to connect to the electric terminals of the ports and marinas around the world, the stabilization system (s), the systems of navigation, the garage or garages, the classification of the yacht, the peculiarities of the flag according to the exploitation of the boat (private or charter mode), the taxation surrounding the purchase, in short, a set of factors that must be evaluated.

There are also different types of configurations, designs and hulls (fiberglass, aluminum or steel). The different types of propulsion, conventional (shafts), PODS, jets, surface drive and also the trends with the hybrid modes.

There are specialized firms in the pre-purchase inspection and of course the selection of a crew. Transport is mainly by specialized carrier to simplify the procedure and costs.

A yacht that is interesting at first glance can quickly turn out to be a terrible deal. Professional expertise is essential in order to have no unpleasant surprises. Export and / or export procedures are relatively simple when using the right professionals.

The broker team at Ita Yachts Canada specializes in this area of ​​activity. Contact us so that we can discuss your project, we are people of action and especially solutions.


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