Purchasing a boat outside of Canada, simple and economically profitable.

Purchasing a boat outside of Canada, simple and economically profitable.

In the market for a boat and wanting to complete a transaction with very substantial savings?  Often, we have to take a look in the USA, the supply is at the moment very abundant and buyers rather rare. So, buying a boat in the U.S. can save you money.

The size of the U.S. market is in no way in comparison with the Canadian market.  In addition, if you require three staterooms or more, whether express or flybridge, more recent models with significant discounts, the market is plentiful.  Please, keep in mind that boats coming from the Great Lakes sector have very often only been in fresh water and is the 3rd best market in the United States.

Moreover, when purchasing a U.S. boat U.S. dollars, it is important to make the right comparisons.   A Canadian boat that was acquired by a dealer in Canada was not purchased 30% cheaper as both a US and Canadian dealer will pay identical prices whether the boat is destined for the USA or Canadian market. So, a boat sold in Canada is not necessarily cheaper just because it is listing in Canadian dollars.  Moreover, if the boat is purchased in the USA or another country and does not come over the border into Canada, thre are no taxes to be paid either in Canada or the host country.

As of August 19, 2019, the following North American market data released by YachtWorld website for the 50-foot-plus market, 2010 and newer:


Manufacturer                                                      Number of units offered

Searay                                                                   138

Azimut                                                                   137

Sunseeker                                                             110

Prestige Yachts                                                    106

Cantius (41 + ft)                                                    93

Princess                                                                 68

At ItaYachtsCanada.com, we have been brokers specializing in these types of transactions for more than 15 years, i.e. in the acquisition of a boat in U.S. or European territory that will be either imported into Canada or that will stay outside of Canada. We are aware of the taxation surrounding these types of transactions and all the other peculiarities.

For a worry-free transaction and with very significant savings, please contact us at 514-521-1221, we are in the suburbs of Montreal.


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