New brokerage section (Québec, Canada, USA, EUROPE)

Ita Yachts Canada has developed their web site to make your search for a pre-owned boat, express yacht, flybridge, trawler, open or  motor yacht easy and user friendly.  Broken down in to four choices :  Ita Yachts web site, boats listed with Allied Marine, boats listed with Ferretti Group Europe and boats in Europe.  It is always interesting to search for a boat with your critiera and compare to  others outside your area.

There is a very large selection of available pre-owned yachts here in the Americas, Canada and also in Europe.

Actually, the European market is very interesting as with their present economic situation it has definitely created a buyer’s market.  Most of the larger  motor yachts already have an electrical transformer on board (installed by the factory) therefore the yacht can travel just about anywhere in the world.

However even if you can connect to the electrical unit at the American marina (220v 60Hz) using the transformer, the electrical plugs in the yacht will probably be oriented to 240v, 50Hz.  It is possible to have installed universal electrical outlets or an inverter to run your US domestic appliances .

Therefore, should you chose the option of an European delivery, Ita Yachts Canada has acquired a vast experience over the years enabling us to ensure you an amazing experience.   We can suggest itineraires, crew selection and when ready, we will arrange the transportation of your motor yacht from Europe towards Florida, New York or Montreal.  It goes without saying that Ita Yachts offers the same services for the USA and Canada.

Should you decide to purchase a motor yacht from the Ferretti Group, you will receive an international support like none other.

Whether you buy a new motor yacht or pre-owned, Ita Yachts Canada are ready to assist, research and pre-select yachts that fit your criteria.

Ita Yachts Canada will always be available and ready to introduce you to the Ferretti Group :  Ferretti yachts, Pershing yachts, Riva yachts, Mochi yachts, Ferretti Custom Line, Ferretti Navetta, Bertram fishing yachts and CRN yachts.

To resume services available to you by Ita Yachts Canada :

  • Evalutation, consultation and expertise in purchasing and selling of boats or pre-owned or used yachts.
  • Trades for new or pre-owned used boats or yachts
  • Expert in navigational and entertainment equipment
  • Research for captain, crew, convoy, support

Charter, surveillance of your yacht or boat in both Europe or the Americas

Here the direct link to  PROPRIO-BOAT.COM a our new web site for preowned boat is US-CANADA market : CLICK HERE

Here the direct link to new section for preowned yacht around the world : CLICK HERE

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