Adding air conditioning to your boat, possible choices …

Adding air conditioning to your boat, possible choices …

Your boat does not have air conditioning and it is an option you would like to add on? If you plan to only require air conditioning at the marina, the dockside power supply will be a simply installation. But, if you are also anchoring on weekends, then it would be great if you could get some fresh air as well when the nights are hot and humid.

You have two choices, install a generator capable of providing the necessary energy or install powerful batteries to provide enough energy for 5 to 6 hours of operation. For 8000 BTU air conditioning, you will need at least three large capacity batteries (lithium) which will have an average weight of 12 kg (per battery).

With the additional batteries, you will also require a powerful inverter and solar panels to recharge these batteries. Indeed, the batteries will have to be very powerful (lithium battery) which have an approximate cost of $ 2500 to $ 3000 CAD each.

The advantage to these batteries is that they easily withstand full discharges without reducing their lifespans. Of course, you also have to find an excellent installer, there are going to be some pretty important modifications to be made to the electrical box. Ideally, a technician specializing in electromechanics and / or home automation for boats would be an asset. Also, the inverter will allow you to make coffee, use a toaster, use the microwave, in short, use very nice small appliances. You have to have the right generator power to operate other devices as well.

Since not all of your devices are working at the same time, there is no need to have a generator with too much power. Remember, if you opt for a generator, it must absolutely be in a soundproof box. The Fisher Panda brand is particularly silent.

Of course, battery power ensures minimum noise and your boat neighbors will appreciate it when you are anchored in a dedicated mooring area.  It is essential you use qualified professionals to install these new systems whom are able to guarantee their work. In conclusion, to ensure an excellent resale value and reach more potential buyers, opt for air conditioning and a generator (in a soundproof box) when purchasing.  A broker’s advice.   

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