2023 World ranking of megayacht and superyacht shipyards.

2023 World ranking of megayacht and superyacht shipyard




The BOAT INTERNATIONAL publication in its December 2022 electronic edition gives the world ranking of shipyards for the category of yachts over 24 meters or 78 feet.

This ranking is based on yacht orders (from customers) for the year 2022/2023.

In short, the Global Order Book is the order book for a manufacturer measured by adding up the total yacht lengths.


For several years, the FERRETTI group has refused to participate in this analysis. Therefore, the brands PERSHING, RIVA, FERRETTI, CUSTOM LINE, ITAMA, WALLY and especially CRN are not counted.

This situation confuses the issue, would the AZIMUT-BENETTI group still be in first position, good question.

Indeed, for years it is the Italian trio AZIMUT-BENETTI, FERRETTIGROUP and SANLORENZO which dominates this ranking.



Here is the table published by BOAT INTERNATIONAL :



Also of note, the two major British manufacturers PRINCESS AND SUNSEEKER were not in last year’s rankings either, so it’s hard to see the effect of orders compared to previous years.

But it seems that the positions of the 5 major world manufacturers are being maintained, with the Italians and the two English groups (UK) in the lead.

But we must underline the incredible progression of the manufacturer OCEAN ALEXANDER, a very interesting position (TAIWAN).

Nothing surprising for FEADSHIP which is a manufacturer (Netherlands) only of megayachts and especially superyachts with a reputation of excellence recognized by all experts.

So, this ranking allows you to see the popularity of manufacturers among boaters, but do not forget that it is about yachts over 78 feet or 24 meters.

The analysis of the data shows that the category of yachts between 24 meters and 27 meters has increased significantly, by nearly 25%.

Also, the magazine notes a good progression in catamarans and exploration type yachts.


In short, there has been an increase of nearly 17.5% in construction projects. Some construction projects have been halted as a result of the sanctions due to the war in Ukraine (future owners under sanctions) and also due to supply chain problems.

Also the data is provided by the manufacturers themselves, so on a basis of trust and honesty, this is the data that is used by the BOAT INTERNATIONAL publication.

So, for more details, please visit the BOAT INTERNATIONAL website.



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