Why yacht support ? The new concept.

Support Yachts.

A new generation of yacht appeared on the market requested by superYacht owners that can be called : Support Yacht. These are yachts that carry the equipment of additional navigations not to mention flying equipment such as helicopters and seaplanes.

We can almost say that these yachts are designed to follow the superyachts with all the adult toys, basically they follow the mothers yachts.

Indeed, it is difficult for luxury superyachts to carry as much variety of equipment as up to carrying a 55-foot boat by example.

Pictures of yacht Support : POWER PLAY (Steel hull).



Take for example the last born of the Damen shipyard. The boat is called POWER PLAY. It is 182 feet long, 30 feet wide with a 10 ft draft. It is able to reach a maximum speed of 20 kn with its two CAT 3512-C engines. It has an impressive range of more than 5000 NM. It can accommodate 10 crew members and it is also equipped with 3 cabins for guests.

It can carry an impressive variety of equipment such as helicopter (s), submarine, sport boat (s), seaplane, a bunch of PWCs, in short a lot of toys.

It is also equipped for scuba diving. In short, this boat near your big yacht (mega or super yacht) luxury yacht ensures you have access to a host of entertainment I would say upscale.

These support boats are in demand, they allow to clear space on the luxury superyacht.

The industry is quickly adapting to the demands of homeowners who are very demanding and especially willing to pay.

There are also owners who like adventures, expeditions in less frequented areas, even a little hostile. This type of yacht is then number one.

In this article, we refer to the yachts built by the group DAMEN / AMELS, one of the major players of this category. AMELS alone is one of the 5 largest shipyards in the world for yacht construction from over 100 feet to over 1000 feet (Cruise Ship).

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Other support yachts of the Damen / Amels group.


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