Why Use a Yacht / Boat Broker

Why Use a Yacht or Boat Broker?

The most important factor when selling your boat is visibility and when buying, is broker experience.  You may use the websites such as KIJIJI, Les Pacs, Auto Hebdo where everything and anything can be bought or sold or you can use the websites dedicated to boats!
 For the Canadian population, websites such as YachtWorld, ProprioBateau.ca and ProprioYacht.ca specialize in buying and selling of all brands, lengths and age of boats.  YachtWorld.com is by far the largest and most used website for boats worldwide and is leader in North America but only Brokers are permitted to announce a listing.
In the US, 90 percent of the clients are represented by a broker.  When a broker lists his client’s boat on YachtWorld he has a choice to list ‘’Open to Co-Brokerage’’ (the broker is open to splitting the commission) or not.  It is essential that if you are selling your boat that you request your broker indicate that it is ‘’Open’’. 
This information of ‘’Open’’ or not is only visible to the Broker who is a member of YachtWorld and not the public.  A broker looking to purchase a boat for a client will automatically call when the selling broker is willing to split the commission.Unfortunately, in Canada, it is a rare practice to list a boat under the Open to Co-Brokerage agreement.  In the USA, it is practically a standard. 
 Calls from a US broker will be few and far between without this arrangement.  Brokers at Ita Yachts ALWAYS list their brokerage boats on the open agreement.A yacht broker should be proactive, have a large contact network including other brokers, dealers or marine specialists, be updated on maritime taxation, import export experience, understand trade logistics, access to extensive visibility on websites and most of all an excellent reputation.
The brokers at Ita Yachts Canada have the ability to offer all of the above services including selling new boats, used boat, etc…
Through the years, we have acquired a vast experience in buying and selling of all brands and lengths of boats and look forward to putting our knowledge to good use in your next transaction. 
Our mission is to not only to sell your boat rapidly or purchase the perfect boat for your lifestyle but retain you as a client for the future. 
We will remain at your service after the transaction has been completed whether here in Canada, USA or Europe.
Whether you are selling or buying a Searay, a Carver, a Meridian, an Azimut, a Regal, a Prestige Yachts, a Marquis, a Fourwinns, a Chaparral, a Monte Carlo, a Sunseeker, a Princess, a Monterey, a Formula, a Jeanneau, a Beneteau, in short, whatever brand you are looking to sell or purchase, we offer a turnkey service.  We will accompany, explain and provide professional consultation all to assure a successful and pleasant transaction. Our contact information: 514-521-1221 or info@itayachtscanada.com   or    info@propriobateau.ca
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