QUENCH SEA, a compact manual water maker for $ 96 CAD

Quench Sea, a compact manual water maker for $ 96 CAD

Here is a real little wonder, a superb invention that has revolutionized the need to drink fresh water when the water available is either salty or unfit for consumption.

Here is the device:

The Quench Sea is a 1.5 pound machine, it is manually operated and can produce up to 3 liters of potable water per hour. It uses a reverse osmosis membrane which the company says can produce 4,700 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.

A replacement membrane costs approximately $ 13 CAD.

QuenchSea is an innovative technology that combines a hydraulic system, triple pre-filtration and a small reverse osmosis membrane to desalinate seawater into freshwater using manual human force. At sea or on the coast, instantly convert seawater into fresh, clean drinking water.

A demonstration of how the Quench Sea works is available here.

The uses are numerous, not only for the boating sector, but also for the adventurer.

In the event of a disaster, this device can be essential and it works completely manually. No need for a battery or other.

Really, this device is great and very inexpensive. See how it works here.

In addition, the company that produces it will distribute it to countries in need.



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