PROPSPEED, all about this very effective treatment …

PROPSPEED, all about this very effective concept …

It is common to see while boats are out of the water in Florida, propellers, shafts, rudders coated with a layer of silicone that gives the appearance of a yellow color, well this is the product PROPSPEED.

Here is an article that démystifiés this product and why so many boaters select this product.

PROPSPEED is a product or rather an anti-fouling treatment for propellers and any underwater metals.


– For an excellent performance, it requires that the vessel be used on a fairly regular basis.

– Reduces marine growth on metal below waterline.

– Non-toxic to marine life

– Improves speed and fuel economy

– Longer anodyne lifespan

Propspeed in detail:

It is a very effective anti-fouling coating system for propellers, propeller shafts, rudders, PODS, stern drives and other specific underwater components. It is designed to increase the efficiency and speed of the boat by forming a super slippery coating to which fouling organisms such as barnicles, algae and weeds cannot bind or adhere to.

It works wonderfully because it makes the surfaces really very smooth, and especially non-toxic to marine life (unlike conventional anti-fouling coatings, better known as antifouling paint).

Propspeed can be used on boats of all sizes and types – commercial and recreational – including sailboats, cruisers, sport fishermen, superyachts, patrol boats, tugs, trawlers and ferries. It is very effective on these metal surfaces and other underwater surfaces, such as:

  • Shafts
    Bow thrusters
    Trim tabs
    Sail drives
    Keel coolers
    Sea strainers
    Sea chests
    Through hull fittings

For a price overview, here is a link with West Marine.


How does Propspeed work?

Propspeed is an anti-fouling coating, not an anti-fouling paint, so it does not harm marine life. The finishing layer is an ultra-smooth surface that marine growth cannot grasp. Propspeed’s efficiency depends on the movement of your boat: the more you use it, the more it works. Propspeed stands out from the competition thanks to the exceptionally strong chemical and physical link between the metal substrate, the primer and the finishing layer to ensure that the anti-fouling coating stays on the components identified under water.

Fresh water and salt water

Can Propspeed protect against zebra mussels and other freshwater shoots?

Propspeed can be used successfully in fresh or salt water.

What kind of maintenance does Propspeed need?

No specific maintenance. The non-stick formulation is self-cleaning automatically operates as soon as the propeller starts or in other words, as soon as the boat moves at reasonable speed.

If necessary, a light wiping with a non-abrasive cloth will eliminate any marine growth.

Beware, high pressure spray gun, scraping and other abrasive cleaning will damage the finishing layer and éliminantes its effectiveness.

While the boat is out of water, dry-docking, wintering:

Unlike conventional antifouling paints, Propspeed’s effectiveness is not adversely affected if the boat stays out of the water for prolonged periods in cold or hot climates. Just make sure you protect Propspeed-covered areas from damage.

If you have the bottom of the boat washed at high pressure, it is important to cover all the coated parts of PropSpeed.

Will Propspeed affect the lifespan of my anodes?

The application of PropSpeed significantly redues the wet metal surface and the positive result is an increase in the speed of the ship with lower RPM, improved fuel economy and improved protection against damage caused by the vagrancy current (unfortunately common problem on boats by an electrical system with a bad grounding), which results in a longer lifespan of anodes.

Customers who have adopted Propspeed have reported a dramatic reduction in corrosion of underwater metals and their anodes last longer.

How environmentally friendly is this system?

Very. Propspeed contains no copper, tin or any other toxic substance harmful to marine life.

How long does propSpeed last?

At least one year, but many customers still report even up to two years of lifespan. This depends on the type of marine environment in which your boat is moored, the temperature of the water and the frequency with which you use the boat.

The photo below shows the difference between an untreated part and treated with PropSpeed.

For best results, Propspeed recommends that the system be applied by a qualified professional who guarantees his work.

The system is ideal especially for warm water regions (southern United States), but it is also to be considered for cold waters given its many advantages.

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