Post Mortem, Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2023

The 2023 edition of the world’s largest boat show is now over. From October 25 to 29, boaters from all over the world gathered at the show, and we were there.

Was it worth it?      The short answer is YES.

The most important stands included Azimut, Le FerrettiGroup (including Pershing and Riva), Princess, Sunseeker, Riviera, Sunreef, Prestige, Sea Ray, Absolute, Beneteau, Cruisers Yachts, to name but a few, as well as several new 2023 and 2024 boats and yachts already owned by customers.

But the important thing was to see the latest innovations, the latest models, and to fix them in our memory for comparison. The stands were magnificent and inviting, not forgetting the big accessories tent (radar, GPS, camera, water-maker, stabilizer, etc.).

There are an impressive number of manufacturers (American, European, Chinese, Australian), but are they good manufacturers with a good reputation, and what about their after-sales warranty?

Make sure you have answers. A start can be made by an experienced, professional broker with recognized ethics.

At the moment, market trends are hard to predict, and new inventories are and will be at their lowest for the year 2024.

Comments received from industry people at the end of the boat show (exhibitors) were positive all in all. In general, the mention was OK, and some took the trouble to mention OK, specifying the difference between OK and simply good.  The OK rating therefore gives a good indication of the performance of this boat show.

So, the new boat market is likely to be difficult in 2024, while the used boat market, and especially the very recent used boat market, is likely to have an excellent year, or so it seems if we take into account the very significant price reductions observed to date. To see a vast selection of boats for sale, go to and for yachts over $1.5 million, go to

The reason for this is simple: lots of sellers and few buyers.

This explains why manufacturers have taken their foot off the gas when it comes to marketing new hulls, in other words, new models for 2024.

But yes, if you’re planning a purchase in the next few months, a boat show is a good opportunity to compare models, to get a good idea and to be able to limit the notorious “coup de foudre” at dealers who can only present a few new models.

Sometimes, lacking the availability to see different models during visits to local dealerships, boaters make choices too quickly and regret them after a few months of use.

We need to keep our criteria and needs in mind at all times, as well as the technical specifications, which are all too often overlooked, not forgetting the after-sales warranty. A manufacturer’s or dealer’s warranty?

Changing boat after 12, 24 or 36 months is always a costly operation, especially if you bought at the height of the COVID and now want to sell when the market is currently low.

Boat expertise is not common, but fortunately there are independent brokers who can advise you according to your criteria and needs. Regardless of the manufacturer, they can advise you well. The brokers at Ita Yachts Canada and its ProprioBateau division are at your disposal.

The pool of boats for sale is huge, and you need to make the right choices.  Prices south of the border are excellent, even with an unfavorable exchange rate. Just do the math. The very abundant supply is causing a very significant drop in prices, which is not the case at the moment for the Canadian market.

For those who dismantle boats in salt water, you have to make your own choices.  Thorough inspections by competent professionals can give you a true picture of the boat you’re looking at. The impact of cold salt water is different from that of warm salt water. Oxidation is difficult to camouflage, and any attempt to do so makes any make-up even more visible.

You also need to take into account where you sail.   For example, the boat that sails between New York and Boston, in New England, is in cold salt water and out of the water in winter. These conditions are similar to those of a boat sailing between Quebec City and Tadoussac, for example.

You need to be well advised, use real professionals for inspections, and don’t hesitate to carry out laboratory tests (oils and fluids) to get as accurate a picture as possible of the condition of the systems at the time of purchase.

For a new boat, you need to check that all systems are in good working order, just as you would for a used boat. Just because a boat has a warranty doesn’t mean you have to accept it as is. Visits to dealers for warranty repairs are not always easy. It’s much nicer to be aboard the boat on a nice day.

Whether the boat you think is perfect is worth $300,000 or $3 million, it’s the various inspections that are decisive, whether it’s new or used. Always avoid: I should have….

In short, yes, a boat show is a good time to validate certain choices, and above all, don’t forget the following motto: Reflection precedes action.

We also offer a charter search and selection service if you’d like to try out a boat on the water to see if we’d like it, or why not just rent a boat for 2 or 3 weeks, worry-free, anywhere in the world.

The Caribbean region has a wealth of powerboats and catamarans available for hire at very affordable prices. For example, 4-bedroom catamarans with or without captains are very common.

Everything is possible for us (sale, charter, purchase), and we’ve been offering full service and support for over 20 years. Contact us and we’ll find the right boat or scenario for you.  Don’t forget that our services are free for you when you’re in buying mode.

We’ve also written several articles on boating, new products, onboard systems, tips, advice, yacht classification, the Montreal/Florida trip, The Great Loop, stabilization with a Gyroscope and many other subjects, in fact over 300 articles…here’s the link, click here.

To find out all about boat shows, especially the next major one like the Miami Boat Show, click here.


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