New Option : purchase brand new boat with Ita yachts Canada


Ita Yachts Canada Inc. has added an important option to our services of brokerage, one that will connect you to a dealer in the United States for a purchase of a new yacht as long as delivery and principal navigation is outside of Canada (for example, Lake Champlain, New York and Florida). An option that has significant savings for you, the buyer.

Manufacturers always set up exclusive territories for each dealer that distribute their vessels. These territories are to be respected buy the distributors when it comes to selling a new boat to a client. The dealer may only sell to clients in his designated area and which applies to both Canadian and US dealers.

The only exception depends on the principal location or area the boat will navigate. Therefore, if you are a Canadian with a Canadian address and will be boating outside of Canada for tax reasons or temperature (possibility to boat 12 months of the year in Florida, for example), Ita Yachts Canada offers the possibility to complete a transaction with an American dealer while respecting the assigned territories. It is important to note that the boat must be delivered into the state where you plan to navigate.

Should your next choice be a SEARAY, AZIMUT, PERSHING, SUNSEEKER, RIVA, PRINCESS YACHTS, FERRETTI, GALEON etc, we are offering our services to facilitate the purchase and benefit from our expertise to obtain an exceptional price. We have been, and that for many years, in a business arrangement with the major dealers in the United States therefore, we can offer to Canadian boaters the option to profit from a purchase and delivery into the US.

It goes without saying that all guarantees will be honored by the US dealer in the same as any guarantee offered by a Canadian dealer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are experienced boat brokers for both new and preowned (used) boats and that for all brands.

Why not take advantage of an option that will probably secure substantial savings for you! With Ita Yachts Canada Inc., International Yacht Brokers, we offer only choices that are to your advantage.

Don’t forget to take the time to visit the websites and for all possibilities available of vessels for sale here in Canada and also the United States.

We, at Ita Yachts Canada, International Boat Brokers, are professional, competent brokers with the ability to accompany you through all types of transactions.

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