New Trawler models for 2021

The success of the new Trawlers, a stable niche for manufacturers and which boaters are increasingly looking to as a possible choice…

This category of boat is experiencing more and more noticeable success and the manufacturers have taken note. Proving this is that the major shipyards have redesigned their models to meet customer demand. Grand Banks, Nordhavn, Selene, Beneteau, Menorquin Leen and Outerreef to name a few have all produced models for 2021. There are also very well-known shipyards such as Azimut Yachts which produce very innovative models in the MAGELLANO range which continues to grow (43 ft, 53 ft, 66 ft, 82 ft or 25m and soon a 97ft or 30m).


The clientele searching for comfort, very functional, long-haul-oriented boat is booming. Performance in terms of speed is not a priority, but to design an ideal boat for a speed of 7 to 12 kn. Of course, most of them will perform much better than 12 kn, but this is not a priority and especially not the priority of buyers.

There is the new Grand Banks 54 (built in Malaysia) which breaks the usual rules with a planing hull, but which pleases customers. A new large and comfortable flybridge,  lots of wood throughout and with a more modern look. A great success.


The famous Nordhavn shipyard has introduced the new hull N41 which is built in Turkey. A novelty is it has a double engine, which is new for Nordhavn especially for this size. At 6 kn, you’ll have a range of over 3300 NM.


The new Selene 72 contrasts with the usual look, but what a nice surprise for this Chinese manufacturer who manufactures robust class A trawlers. You have to appreciate the pleasure of a slow cruise, but this is not a handicap for this category. She is magnificent and above all very well thought out with its non-partitioned American-style kitchen.


French manufacturer Beneteau arrives with its new Trawler 62. It is built in Italy at the factory that manufactures the MonteCarlo. There has been a lot of research to lower its center of gravity. The interior is bright, the configuration is current, in short Beneteau is betting a lot on this new model. Its look is very modern and the flybridge is really very generous. The concept of premium service allows the future owner to have support during construction and especially afterwards, which should appeal to owners.


There is also the new Menorquin 42, an alternative to conventional trawlers, but with a modernized look and layout. Here is a very efficient and functional trawler and is built in Spain. A modernized classic, that is, brighter, larger and offering more functional spaces. It is immediately recognizable with its exterior signature. A safe choice for this size.


A new player is the Leen 56, a French-made Trimaran trawler. Of course, it dominates with a width of over 27ft for a 56ft boat. Easy  to imagine the incredible space for the upper deck (Fly) and the main deck and owners’ stateroom is on the main deck. In short, it is not to be overlook and we look forward to hearing comments from boaters. With the option of an additional fuel tank, it offers a transatlantic radius.


Last but not least the new Outer Reef 640 Azure. A classic revisited. Love its layout especially the kitchen as everything is perfectly functional. This Class A trawler is built in Taiwan and widely known for the quality of its workmanship. A classic choice, nothing is left to chance.

There is no lact of choice and there is something for all boaters in length and budget. Of course, as these are high quality yachts, you have to be prepared to pay the price, but your selection criteria will likely be there. Do not hesitate to consult a broker from for unparalleled support. Our office is in the suburbs of Montreal, call us at 514-521-1221.

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