New PODS ZF 4000 model

New PODS ZF 4000 model

A third pod new propulsion system from ZF with the 4000 model, suitable for large yachts powered by engines up to 1200hp. The new large ZF pod unit has been jointly developed by ZF Marine, Azimut-Benetti Group and Lazzara Yachts.

The system has been successfully tested on a 62S from Azimut and is about to be installed as triple configuration in the new 120 foot super sport yacht from Lazzara Yachts. The system comprises a standard transmission mounted to a steerable pod unit with twin, counter-rotating propellers.

Picture : Azimut 62S

The ZF Pod 4000 is compact and lightweight and represents the latest evolution of podded drives already on the market, from which it distinguishes itself by an innovative and patented system which keeps the vessel at a given position. The advantages of this third member of the ZF Pod are numerous, particularly regarding the performance.

The superior efficiency of the ZF Pod, compared to traditional propulsion systems, results in increased cruising speed of up to 15% with the same installed power. This improved performance is accompanied by up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption, with corresponding environmental benefits.

Concerning the maneuverability when docking, the ZF Pod is controlled by a joystick which is connected to an integrated electronic control system. All functions are therefore controlled simply and intuitively, for easy and safe handling of the vessel. Each pod unit is independently steered, guaranteeing excellent stability when executing turns.

When cruising, maneuverability is exceptional, thanks to an electronically controlled steering system which actuates the Pod either for comfortable cruising, or more aggressive driving. The ZF Pod 4000 is suitable for large yachts from sixty to one hundred twenty feet powered by engines up to 1200hp each.

Picture : Azimut Grande 26M

The system has many advantages, in particular higher efficiency compared to traditional systems, increased maneuverability, more comfort on board with more space available for accommodation and a significant reduction of noise and vibrations. These are all benefits which are appreciated by owners of today’s luxury yachts.

The standard ZF Pod comes complete with a GPS position keeping system, whereby controlled actuation of the pod units enables the vessel to automatically maintain a set position, even in the presence of wind and currents.

Also, regarding safety, the ZF Pod has significant advantages because the body of the unit itself protects the aft facing propellers from floating debris. The compact dimensions of the unit significantly increase the available space on board and the anti-vibration brackets, connecting the ZF Pod to the hull, greatly reduce vibration and noise.

On board comfort is naturally an important factor when choosing a yacht, and according to the latest developments in the market, an ever more inviting and comfortable environment is demanded, to increase the enjoyment of cruising.

The introduction of ZF Pod’s third version underlines the commitment of the ZF Marine Group to offer the most advanced technological solutions, today more oriented towards energy saving, reduced environmental impact and improved comfort on board.

The performance and advantages of this new innovative propulsion system have convinced also the Beneteau Group to choose the ZF Pod 4000 for a new line of their yachts.

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