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New Pershing 70 launching at Cannes boat show

This is the new Pershing 70, click here for Pershing 70 video.

Th complete description of this yacht is on this web site, clic HOME and see Pershing…

pershing_70_running_top pershing_70_stern_view6663dd014_0_280320182006_1pershing_70_running_tttop726640729_20141021014015482_1_XLARGEscreen_shot_2017-10-30_at_12.10.12_pmpershing_70_master5131-90037_big

Don’t forget the world premiere at next Cannes boat show this fall.


See below some pictures of model of Pershing yachts…enjoy !

PERSHING3_20121011113850 Pershing-108-10 l_imd_246.jpg Pershing_64_trainee_arriere Pershing_108_trois_helices Pershing_82_running_top_view Pershing_62_en_virage Pershing_62_new_look pershing_115_au_quai Pershing_by_night pershing_92_cockpit pershing_82_poste_pilotage pershing_74_beach pershing_92_anchor pershing_74_running_fast


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