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New import tax 10% for boats from USA

Press release, 21 dec 2018

The 10% surtax on boats built in the USA is modify for temporary importation (E029B)


New import tax 10% for boats build in USA

In response to Trump’s taxes on steel and aluminum, Canada will impose a new tax on the import of US-made boat beginning July 1. A TAX of 10%.
That means the Searay, Carver, Regal, Chaparral, Monterey, FourWinns, Cruisers Yachts, Bayliner, Larson … in short all the pontoons, fishing boats from the United States are going to have a 10% customs when they will go to Canada Customs. It will change the sales prices …

New boats from Europe are no longer subject to 9.5% customs since September 2017, when the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement came into force.

Do not forget, these are ads, in politics everything can change quickly … to watch closely.



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