New comfort for customers with SmartGyro, new stabilizer using a gyroscope.

New comfort for customers with SmartGyro, new stabilizer with a gyroscope.

Just a reminder to the usefulness of a Gyroscopic type stabilizer on board a boat. This system reduces roll by up to 90% when the boat is at anchor or at low speed (10 kn and less). So, no more nausea (or seasickness) caused by the movements of the boat from left to right (the roll). There are two other manufacturers that dominate this market: SEAKEEPER and QUICK.

Through a strategic partnership that provides entry to the growing gyro stabilizer market, YANMAR is positioned to offer a new level of comfort and enhanced experience for power boat owners. SmartGyro’s deep understanding of boat stabilization, specialized engineering expertise and compelling gyroscopic stabilization products are uniquely complementary to YANMAR’s marine systems, equipment and knowledge.


The result is the availability of a full line-up of highly advanced gyro stabilizers that virtually eliminate boat roll, designed and developed with YANMAR’s backing and offered through its global network for recreational and commercial marine applications. In harmony with YANMAR’s vision to enhance boater enjoyment, comfort and safety with technologically advanced marine systems, the close collaboration allows SmartGyro to operate in Italy, as a stand-alone entity.

This fresh dimension to the YANMAR range aligns with the company’s wider strategy to continue expanding its offering with chosen partners and investments.



Founded in 2014, Smartgyro is a gyro stabilization technology company based in La Spezia, Italy, driven by a mission to bring boat stabilization for vessels from 30ft to 80ft. The company designed and developed a full range of state-of-the-art gyro stabilizers for recreational and commercial marine vessels, suitable for new boats and refit installations.

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In 2020, acquiring a boat without having on board a stabilizer based on gyroscope technology is problematic. The resale value of the boat could be affected by its absence, especially for the boat over 45ft to over 100ft.

There is also stabilization with FINS, of course, articles cover this subject always on this website.

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