New Absolute Navetta 64

New Absolute Navetta 64

The Italian shipyard Absolute announces a new hull for the Navetta range. After last year’s Absolute Navetta 68, we will be entitled to the new Absolute Navetta 64 model this fall for the Cannes Boat Show, 2020 edition.

The great innovation of this model will be the arrival of the concept of beach club for a 64-foot unit of Italian origin, which is extremely rare at present for this size.

This new Absolute Navetta 64 model will be powered by two Volvo IPS 1200 engines or optionally two IPS 1350. We will have to wait for the rest of the specifications.

In short, it is the creation of a rear space near the water and the hydraulic platform which could also be a bedroom but with a very large patio door. It is a bit the best approach to resuscitate a concept from the past, the aft-cabin with patio door, but with a very modern 2020 approach to allow a living environment near water.

So the crew cabin space will have to be somewhere else (probably at the front of the yacht) than at the rear of the boat as usual since the space is occupied by this concept. Several manufacturers are adopting this new Beach Club approach. I’m thinking of Azimut, Ocean Alexander, Horizon but on much larger units (more than 25 meters).

We will have to wait to see and appreciate this concept, especially to see if it is possible that it is functional and pleasant on a 64-foot unit without sacrificing too much space elsewhere. In addition, how will be the space dedicated to the engine room with this concept.

In short, we must wait until the Italian shipyard Absolute discloses more information to be able to make a better assessment.

To be continued and the team of brokers at ItaYachtsCanada will be on the lookout as always.

Some data.


Total length (m) 19,63 or (ft) 64’ 5”
Largeur :  (m) 5,52 or (ft) 18’ 1”
Max. persons capacity :  6+2+2
Fresh water tank capacity: (l) 910 or (gal) 240,40
Fuel tanks capacity : (l) 3.600 or  (gal) 951
Engines :  2 x Volvi IPS 1200 or 2 x Volvo IPS 1350


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