A new manufacturer is tackling this market of the future, the electric yachts. We are witnessing an unprecedented development in this sector. But this time, they are catamarans developed by a German firm that is investing in order to take an excellent position in this sector of very large units.

We are talking about units from 60 to 100 feet, which is almost impossible to find in the category of conventional yachts that currently dominate the monohull yacht market such as Azimut, FerrettiGroup (Riva, Ferretti, Custom Line), Sanlorenzo, Princess and Sunseeker.

But it must be said that a 60-foot catamaran easily competes with yachts of more than 80 feet in terms of interior and exterior space, and when we compare a catamaran of 100 feet, then we enter into competition with mega yachts of more than 120 feet.

Really, the electric catamarans are very interesting and the concept very modern. They will undoubtedly be very appreciated by boaters who are looking for a concept that is more respectful of the environment and without forgetting the abundance of interior and exterior space and stability.


For the moment, SUNREEF YACHTS largely dominates this market, especially with a complete range of electric catamarans offered (see the electric range offered), but this market is rapidly evolving, so we can expect to see competition from several new manufacturers in the next few months or years.


Here is a brief description by the manufacturer Alva Yachts as it appears on its website.



Alva Yachts is determined to improve the society we live in. We are on a journey towards sustainable, avant-garde electric yachting.

Today, electricity is not always generated in a sustainable way – but it could be. Elements, materials, manufacturing, transportation and the usage of yachts are all areas that need improvement. We do not have all the answers today, but it is our mission to tackle these issues and consequently improve the way we will live tomorrow.

Climate action through leading the development of new technologies, embracing solutions for a circular economy and conducting our business in an ethical and responsible way, are what we are all about. We constantly strive for new, greener technology that improves performance to be used in our yachts. Our Solar Roof System is one example of our efforts, but we are fully aware that there is still much work to be done.

Battery circularity will become a key focus in the yachting industry and Alva Yachts is committed to guiding the industry forward in minimizing the environmental impact of batteries. Together with driving technology, the modern approach to ownership in Alva Yachts will help to transform the yachting retail industry and create endless opportunities for sustainable business solutions.

With our connections to Fisher Panda and Volkswagen and our shared technologies, we have a strong foundation for our sustainability targets moving forward. The dream of a fully electric future will not happen overnight, but together we will move in the right direction and without compromise. Society as a whole is responsible for the journey towards a sustainable future and ALVA YACHTS will work relentlessly to accelerate the shift to clean electric yachting.

Business and History

Alva Yachts was developed in early 2020 from the former company Pica Yachts. At this point, Pica has already had 6 years of experience in the development, construction and marketing of smaller electric driven sailing- and motor yachts. By the beginning of 2020, over 40 boats had been sold and have been used by many satisfied customers.

Since the founding of Alva Yachts, the company owners start building super-efficient luxury yachts to meet the growing market for environmental friendly living space on the water.

The design and development of the yachts is carried out by the renowned design office Henndesign. Its owner Mr. Holger Henn is also co-founder of Alva Yachts.

They produce 60′ and 90′ electric catamarans but also a range of electric sailboats, the Ocean Sail 72 and the Ocean Sail 82 and a 50′ monohull boat.

Alva Yachts recently invested by having a booth at key international yacht shows in Cannes and Fort Lauderdale. The aim was to show their stunning yachts and support sustainable boating for future generations. “What we weren’t prepared for was the overwhelming amount of interest in the Alva Yachts and a strong number of new orders”, said Dennis de Roos.

The Alva Yachts business is in a very stable position. With orders well into 2023 for all our yacht models, and an extensive list of prospective buyers from all corners of the world. The ALVA shipyard in Antalya, Turkey, is at full capacity with the Ocean ECO 54, 60, and 90 in production. “We are now looking at more production capacity to meet our customers’ increasing demand”, said Holger Henn.

The future is looking very bright for Alva Yachts. The next steps are fulfilling our ongoing production schedule and keep innovating. Our research and development department is very busy with fuel cell technologies, which will likely be the next step in sustainability. Furthermore, we are seeing increasing demand in the 100-120ft solar electric Superyacht market. An opportunity we are looking forward to exploring!

Alva Yachts is proud to be an innovative leader in the solar-powered luxury yacht market with a range of yachts between 50-90ft. The ALVA head office is in Bad Pyrmont, and the ALVA design office is in Berlin, Germany. The main production facility is in Antalya, Turkey.

There are other manufacturers on the market that offer electric catamarans: SILENT YACHTS, SOEL YACHTS, HERLEY YACHTS. We will come back to this subject soon.

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