Navigate in Europe on your own yacht and visit exceptional marinas.

Navigate in Europe on your own yacht and visit exceptional marinas.

Europe is undoubtedly a yachting paradise, especially for those who appreciate the towns and villages near marinas and truly interesting historic places. Indeed, the ports and marinas that are located for the most part near the most famous port cities in Europe are ideal for days when the sea is less inviting. You will never get bored, I can assure you of that.

It must be said that the area is surrounded by 9 seas and the Atlantic Ocean, this is quite exceptional. Let’s focus on the Western and Eastern Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic and Ionian Sea.

To give you an overview of the marinas that can be found there and that are out of the ordinary, I would like to mention the 10 marinas that have caught the attention of Yacht Harbor for their capacity to accommodate yachts and superyachts of this world.

Here are three:


Puerto Banu, Marbella, Spain.                                               Marina Di PortoFino, Italy

Marina Dubrovnik, Croatia


You will see that the reception capacities are incomparable.

We have delivered yachts there to Canadian boaters on several occasions before final delivery here in America. Indeed, as the main manufacturers are in Europe near the Mediterranean (especially in Italy), why not take delivery there, enjoy the navigation area for weeks, even years and postpone the final delivery until the moment of your choice.

The car manufacturer, BMW, offers to take delivery of your vehicle in Europe before the final delivery here in Canada, so why not your yacht?  The important thing is to be accompanied and well planned for your stay so that everything goes smoothly. ItaYachtsCanada brokers have this experience.



Port Hercule, Monaco                                                            Grand Harbour Marina, Malta


Port Adriano, Malorca


We will be present at the dock when  you take possession of your new yacht to simplify all the steps so that your stay is a series of unforgettable and exceptional moments. In fact, we arrive a few days in advance to plan your arrival well.

We leave the boat only when you are perfectly comfortable with all that surrounds the navigation. We strongly recommend having a captain on board to take care of everything and he will also serve as your guide to the best destinations.

The Italian coast is a perfect starting point. Your yacht will fly the Canadian flag, you are Canadians therefore in no way subject to the taxation of Italy, France, Croatia, Greece, Spain, in short, no worries about taxation.


Porto Montenegro                                                               One Ocean Port Vell, Barcelona

Marina Di Porto Cervo, Sardaigne


This is such a interesting choice and an amazing vacation. We have clients who have been there for almost three years (three summers).

Contact us at 514-521-1221 for all the details regarding a possession in Italy (for example) before the final delivery in America. Our office is in the suburbs of Montreal (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu).


Port Vauban, Antibes, France


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