Man-Over-Board-Operating-System, the independent concept

This is the first system completely independent for find ultra rapidly the MOB.

THE INDEPENDENT CONCEPT MOBOS® stands for Man-Over-Board- Operating-System.

It is self-contained and absolutely independent! HELP YOURSELF!

It neither needs support of other rescue institutions (e.g. Coast Guards or MRCC, Marine Rescue Coordination Centres) nor support of further technologies such as Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), Maritime Radio (VHF) and AIS!

TO RELIEVE SAR & CO. MOBOS®-System was developed for a speedy rescue operation managed on one‘s own responsibility. It relieves the international emergency systems like COSPAS/SARSAT 406 MHz, AIS etc. plus all affiliated institutions like SAR!

NO COSTS ― WORLDWIDE! MOBOS® is free of charge and license free! + No costs after the rescue operation! + No radio certificate (SRC) is required! All over the world! SPEEDY RESCUE The system consists of 2 units, both are GPS supported: + The MOBOS®-Beacons + The MOBOS®-Receiver The MOBOS®-Beacon relays its GPS position directly to the MOBOS®-Receiver onboard the boat. After receiving the data of the man overboard the MOBOS®-Receiver then shows on an easily understandable graph the precise position of the casualty.

The key for a speedy rescue! MOBOS®

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Though the gadgets related to tracking systems for people falling overboard interests you, we suggest you view the website of Ocean Signal, in fact, there are a variety of equipment dedicated to the search and rescue of persons are in distress at sea (MOB).

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