KARBONES diving tanks

KARBONES diving tanks

This mini diving tank is a new revolution to explore the seabed but also to check your propellers, remove ropes entangled in your propellers, inspect your hull, in short, from pleasant to useful…

The KARBONES bottle system is fully secure and meets European standards, this small bottle will allow you to dive to a depth of 3 meters for almost 10 min.


To use it, simply put the “head” of the bottle in your mouth and breathe. The Alu bottle is light and weighs 1.2 kg (1 kg for the carbon bottle) but the weight felt under water is about 1 kg (900 grams for the carbon bottle), its lightness will allow you to freely enjoy the underwater scenery.

The maximum authorized depth of the bottles is 3 meters for safety reasons for non-divers . However, the tanks are functional up to 50 meters for certified divers. The cylinders can reach 250 bar pressure and meet all regulatory standards, ensuring maximum safety during use.

Before shipping to customers, each bottle is tested at 300 bar. Its filling is also very simple and takes you less than 15 min with the hand pump. But, by opting for the mini-compressor, you can also choose to set off again faster and without effort, since it will fill your mini scuba tank in less than 2 minutes.

Easy to use, this mini bottle will enhance your holidays and your moments of relaxation.



• Basic autonomy of 10 minutes

• Reloading in less than 15 min with manual pump

• Light and handy

• Simple and easy to use and maintain

• Suitable for initiates and beginners



FOR ALL DETAILS: https://www.karbones.com/


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