Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 33M – 2018

Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 33M – 2018

Custom Line Navetta 33 was launched at the Ferretti Group’s facilities in Ancona. With 5 units sold ahead of its presentation, the new model shortly followed the launch of the Navetta 37. The Navetta 33 is the third project in a new generation fleet of semi-displacement Custom Line Navetta yachts.

“The Navetta 33 will define the nautical landscape in the years to come with its irresistible beauty” stated Mr. Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO. “Thanks to its special charm and its innovative features, cutting-edge technology and superior design, it outclasses every other boat within the same category. It’s essentially in a league of its own. It is uniquely chic, upgrading luxury to the pure sophistication that every yacht owner desires in order to enhance the pleasure of yachting. I am not surprised that we’ve already sold 5 units ahead of its presentation.”

The new model Custom Line Navetta 33 will be officially unveiled in a preview during the exclusive event in Ibiza last summer.

Custom Line Navetta 33M

The new 33-metre yacht is the result of the close collaboration among  the Product Strategy Committee, headed by Mr. Piero Ferrari, Studio Zuccon International Project for the exterior design and the Group’s Engineering Department for the interior design.

The Navetta 33 introduces some major innovations to Custom Line’s semi-displacement superyachts of this size, added to the distinctive features that have already proved so popular on Navetta 37.

The hull with bulbous bow delivers performance at the top of its class in terms of seaworthiness and stability with a range of 1,540 nautical miles at economic cruising speed. The yacht offers fabulous spaces to owners and their guests across all 4 decks: from the wide-body master suite forward on the main deck, through to the 4 guest cabins on the lower deck.

Thanks to the external panoramic terrace on the starboard main deck, and the fabulous sliding windows on the aft upper deck, the lounge areas and interior and exterior dining areas are spacious and bright. By contrast, the sun deck with swimming pool and large sun pad is designed to provide moments of total privacy.

The Navetta 33 features all the technical innovations that characterise all Custom Line’s latest models: the patented DMT system for optimal use of the stern area; VOTIS software to provide the most flexible and practical on-board infotainment systems; and an integrated helm station for safe monitoring of the systems and equipment on board while under way.

Moreover, the first Navetta 33 is equipped with a top of the range Hi-Fi system. Additional features include a special flexible joint in the transmission lines, which absorbs shaft vibrations, and other cutting-edge solutions that reduce noise levels to a minimum.

The floating floor beneath the parquet flooring, for example, helps reduce the transmission of noise to the living areas by softening any footfall. Further comfort and safety solutions when mooring and at anchor include the electro-hydraulic stabilising fins and (on request) Seakeeper stabilisers.

We are at your disposal to accompany you in the purchase of this exceptional megayacht. Do not hesitate to contact us (514-521-1221) for all questions concerning the Navetta series, the Ita Yachts Canada team is at your disposal. The Navetta series consists of the Navetta 28M, Navetta 37M and soon the Navetta 42M.

Follow this direct link to see a video of this new Navetta 33M.

Follow this link for the special presentation at IBIZA.


LOA : 108.3 ft

Beam : 25.2 ft

Draft : 7.10 ft

Weight : 352,740 lbs

Fuel tank : 5283 gal.

Range at cruise : 1540 nm.

Engines : 2 x Man 1400, 2 x Man 1650 or 2 x Cat C32 (1622)

Top speed : 15 kn

Nb Cabins : 5

Nb crew cabin : 4

Some pictures :

custom-line-navetta-33-18custom-line-navetta-33-27 custom-line-navetta-33-17 CustomLine_Navetta37New_Cruising-0011_16888   CustomLine_Navetta37New_Cruising-0001_16878 CustomLine_Navetta37New_Cruising-0002_16879  custom-line-navetta-33-26custom-line-navetta-33-23custom-line-navetta-33-22custom-line-navetta-33-28custom-line-navetta-33-29custom-line-navetta-33-20Sun_deck_N33Mcustom-line-navetta-33-8custom-line-navetta-33-9custom-line-navetta-33-6 custom-line-navetta-33-12custom-line-navetta-33-11custom-line-navetta-33-5 custom-line-navetta-33-2custom-line-navetta-33-13 custom-line-navetta-33-14 custom-line-navetta-33-16 custom-line-navetta-33-15head_N33Mcustom-line-navetta-33-30custom-line-navetta-33-31custom-line-navetta-33-33custom-line-navetta-33-32custom-line-navetta-33-34custom-line-navetta-33-35

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