Ferretti Custom Line NAVETTA 30

Ferretti Custom Line NAVETTA 30

Ferretti Custom Line NAVETTA 30

The # 2 manufacturer in the world, FerrettiGroup (in Italy) announces the release of the new Navetta 30 from its Custom Line division.

The Custom Line division of FerrettiGroup produces megayachts with semi-displacement and semi-planing hulls.

The new model Navetta 30 is part of the Navetta range as the smallest hull available for this series.

The Navetta range is very popular with boaters in this category from over $ 10 million to # $ 20 million USD, Ferretti has just seen producing yachts or the speed of yachts is no longer a dominant criterion. Indeed, a maximum speed of 14 or 15 kn has become an important purchase criterion for many boaters.

This semi-displacement range therefore includes:

New Navetta 30 (93.3 ft),
Navetta 33 (108.3 ft),
Navetta 37 (121.6 ft),
Navetta 42 (137.2 ft)

The semi-planing hull range includes:

Custom line 106
Custom line 120

There was in the past the model Navetta 28M, but this hull is no longer in production.

This new trend for slower hulls is really a very strong one. The Italian manufacturer Sanlorenzo (No. 3 worldwide) with the new models SX exploits this trend very well and the manufacturer Azimut (No.1 worldwide) also arrives in this niche with the Magellano 25M (82.8 ft). Bet it’s just a start.

If you have any questions or interest in this new Custom Line Navetta 30, please do not hesitate to contact us for full details at 514-521-1221.

Here are additional details regarding the new Navetta 30 model:

LOA: 93.3 ft

Beam : 24 feet

Draft: 7.3 ft

Weight: 255,736 lbs

Fuel tank: 14500 liters.

Motorization: 2 x MAN I6-800 (shafts)

Max speed: 14 kn

Number of guest cabins: 5

Number of crew cabin: 3

Here is link with the website of this new model, click here.

Here are some photos :


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