E29B, Temporary admission Permit in Canada

Form E29B, Temporary Admission Permit

Important information with regards to the temporary importation of a boat into Canada for repairs/winter storage on the well known form E29B.

There are very strict rules that apply when importing a boat temporarily into Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency states :

« All goods being imported temporarily, as long as they are not being imported for sale, for lease, or for further manufacturing or processing, will qualify for customs duty-free entry under tariff item No. 9993.00.00.”

Should the agency reveal that you have listed your boat for sale, therefore in infraction of the E29B, the Agency is in their rights to demand immediate payment of the applicable TPS and TVQ and also duty tax if applicable. Confiscation/seisure of your boat is also a possiblity.

If you have received a notice from the Agency, get in contact with them immediately and explain the situation. Do not leave the notice unanswered.

It goes without saying, your boat is not to be used in Canada for the purpose of touring or other leisure activity while on the E29B. The E29B certificate can be used however, to permit passage through Canadian territory in the context of final destination outside of Canada, for example from Lake Champlain (USA) to Thousand Islands (USA) with predetermined stopovers and limited number of days within Canada.

It is extremely important to follow and respect the rules while on a temporary admission permit E29B. These rules are explained very clearly on the Canada Border Services Agency website.

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This article is to alert users of a E29B of certain rules regarding importing on a E29B and is not a complete publication of the law. The dealers who issue E29B are obliged to follow the same rules and regulations as the individual. Be vigilant as the penalties for infractions are very serious.


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