Dual Mode Transom by Ferretti Group

How the Dual Mode Transom works ? (D.M.T.)

With the confidence of the new investors in research and development, Ferretti has patented the Dual Mode Transom (DMT) on the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 and the Ferretti Custom Line 108’.

DMT is a Ferretti Group patent that combines three crucial functions into a single system: a float-in garage, a submersible platform, and an ample beach area. The opening system for the stern door gives access to ample storage for the tender, which can be launched or manoeuvred directly, without the need for a davit, and provides an enormous beach area.

Innovation and comfort are the guiding principles that have led Ferretti for over a quarter century, striving to offer its clients products that consistently push the boundaries of technological quality.

Click here for see the video on Dual Mode Transom

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