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International Boat Brokers

I.T.A. Yachts Canada Inc.

We are specialized and experienced boat brokers offering a complete service whether here locally in Quebec, Ontario, Canada, in the United States or Europe. Based on our past experience, we have the necessary expertise to represent the client both on a national and international level.

As your broker, we will accompany you through the complete boat or yacht transaction, sale or purchase. No matter the brand of boat or yacht, we have contacts in the industry that will prove to be extremely helpful and advantgeous.

We offer an unparalleled assistance :

In selling mode :

  • Establish the best selling price based on market comparasisons and key features of your boat.
  • Write up the listing to maximize the potential of the boat.
  • Posting the ad on the web using the following websites :
    • (in partnership)
  • Accompany the potential buyers to visit the boat.
  • Receive and analyse purchase offers.
  • We have available in-trust bank accounts in both CAD and US.
  • We accompany the buyer through the survey process.
  • Ease the transaction for the buyer by answering any questions.
  • We assist the seller during negociations.
  • We supervise the transaction at the time of the final sale and delivery.
  • Our commission is calculated on a percentage of the final selling price and payable at time of completion of the transaction.

Important :

To maximize the chances to sell the boat rapidly, we are absolutely open to sharing the commission with all other Canadian and US brokers. It is important to understand that 9 out of 10 clients are represented by their broker even when they are in the buying mode. It is rare, here in Canada, that brokers are open to sharing commission and it is in your best interest to require your broker be open to co brokerage.

P.S. The american market has the largest pool of buyers on this continent.

In buying mode :

  • Our services are free when you are the buyer.
  • Discussions on the needs of the client.
  • Search possiblities according to the buyers criteria.
  • Research the histories of the boats selected.
  • Prepare purchase offer.
  • Negociation with seller.
  • Help with selection of survey experts.
  • Schedule survey and seatrial
  • Assistance with counter offer after inspection.
  • Preparation of paperwork with experts (lawyers).
  • Present when taking possession of the boat.
  • Accompany during registration of the boat.

Once you become a client of ours, at anytime we are available for :

  • Support and assistance in the choice of specialized help for repairs and/or improvements.
  • Information and assistance in choices available with regards to legislation in the country of final destination.
  • If necessary, assistance in moving the boat by land or ship.
  • Selection of a charter for a vacation in the US or Europe.
  • Updated nautical information on our different BLOGS.

Opt for a winning formula, contact a broker at I.T.A. Yachts Canada. All our knowledge and professionalism are at your disposal.

Contact us without delay at 514-521-1221 or Our office is located in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

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