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Pershing 140 (project)


The brand new flagship is the first Pershing built in light alloy.

They are the new god of the sea : Pershing 140

See the video, click here

Stay tune for more details about this fabulous performance yacht.

Pershing_140_profile Persging_140_Frontal Pershing_140_lateral Pershing_140_seriesPershing_140Project_Cruising-0002_11980Pershing_140Project_Cruising-0006_11984Pershing_140Project_Cruising-0013_11991Pershing_140Project_Cruising-0012_11990


Pershing_140Project_Main Deck-0004_21707 Pershing_140Project_Main Deck-0007_21710 Pershing_140Project_Main Deck-0005_21708 Pershing_140Project_Main Deck-0011_21714 Pershing_140Project_Main Deck-0010_21713 Pershing_140Project_Main Deck-0012_21715 Pershing_140Project_Main Deck-0009_21712 Pershing_140Project_Main Deck-0008_21711


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